February 5, 2015

Ft Desoto Park Engagement Session – Amritha & Jis

The emotion you are about to experience while viewing these images, is one of great love.  It all started back in 2008 at the University of Florida where Amritha, an avid Indian Dancer, was introduced to Jis to help make t-shirts for the dance team.  While this was their first introduction, it wasn’t until several months later that their relationship would begin. After 6 years of a long-distance relationship, these two have created an incredible foundation for a beautiful marriage…and it shows.

When we asked Amritha and Jis what they wanted for their engagement session, they knew they wanted a Tampa or St Pete location.  We provided them with a few suggestions and we both agreed Ft. Desoto Park would be the perfect location.  We walked and drove all over Ft Desoto Park, while it was a tad chilly, the lighting was PERFECT and I was so giddy as Amritha and Jis were so relaxed and fun! Not to mention, look at them!  They are GORGEOUS together!  I loved capturing all the smiles, laughs as well as the tenderness Jis showed to Amritha.  Yes please!  We are beyond excited that these two fun loving souls have chosen us to capture their big day this summer.


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