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Motivational Monday – Increase Your Power

I tried and failed.  I would try again…and fail again.  “Why isn’t this working?’ I would say to myself.  ‘Maybe I just don’t have what it takes’. ‘Oh, if I didn’t have a bad back…’.  These and many other sayings would stir around my brain every day.  Then one day I changed my thought process.  I started saying, ‘shut up and do it’, ‘finish it’, ‘you got this’…even on days that I didn’t.  But you know what?  Each day I saw a change, so I would say these positive sayings more and more often.  I’ve been doing it long enough now that hardly a negative thought about my own confidence hardly ever enters my mind.  When it does what do I do?  I crush it.  Don’t set yourself up for failure with life changing goals and expect it to happen in an hour, day, week or even month.  Everyone is different, except that YOU are the only one holding you back from greatness.

Change the way you think and your life will change too.


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