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Wedding Photography Guide: What to wear to an Engagement Session

You’re standing in front of your closet and the daunting question is starting to stress you out….”What do we wear to our Engagement Session????”  This is one of the most common questions we receive after the session is scheduled with our couples. When it comes down to it there really are only 2 (yes just 2) important factors to consider.  Fit and Style.  Fit is the most important but let’s not down play the Style side of it.



Follow these 3 easy steps to ensure you have the best fit!

  1. TRY ON YOUR OPTIONS!  Really, I don’t care if it’s brand new, or you’ve worn it a million times.  Put on your outfit, shoes and all the accessories you’re considering and look at yourself in a full length mirror.  Look from the front, both sides and the back as much as you can.
  2. IS IT TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL?  Remember looking in the mirror for step 1?  You should still be in front of the mirror to ensure your clothes fit properly.  What about your shoulder straps…are they constantly falling off?  What about around your waist line and arms…is it too tight and you see things you don’t want to see? (or for that matter, what you do want to see?)  Are you not crazy for how it fits but still determined to wear it?  How does it look if you through on a structured jacket?  This may be your solution! Now that we’ve looked at the top half of you, let’s look at the second half.  Make sure your pants, skirt or dress is a length you are comfortable with.  There’s lots of action at our engagement sessions, including sitting and well, let’s be honest.  This is your Engagement Session…not a Boudoir Session! 😉
  3.  COMFORT.  As just previously mentioned, there’s lots of action and you don’t want your outfit to be uncomfortable.  If you don’t have the fit right, this can cause discomfort.  Also, check for any tags that may scratch you and leave red marks on your skin.  No bueno.  This also goes for your shoes.  Depending on where your session is scheduled to take place, you may do a lot of walking.  If you’re determined to wear those heels, you might want to consider bringing a comfy pair to walk from location to location.



To trend or not to trend…that is the question.  Really, this is where your personality comes into play.  For me, I prefer more of a classic look compared to a trendy one.  Why you ask?  Because trends come and go and while you may love the look now….you may not in a few years.  This is a personal opinion…nothing more!

What should you consider when it comes to style?  Most photographers allow a quick wardrobe change.  (If we are not working together, please check with your photographer on this!)   Most of my couples will do one of two things: wear a casual outfit (date night like) then either really dress it up, or wear an outfit showing their culture.  Either way, I make one request….that you ‘go together’ and that you don’t dress exactly alike.  Contrast is ideal for photos (this doesn’t mean you have to be opposite) but we want to be able to see each of you and your shape, even when you’re ‘nuzzled’ in!

Still not sure on style?  Be sure to check out our Pinterest Engagement Session board for more inspiration!!


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