February 15, 2016

Could you be the winner? – Shoot & Share Contest

To enter or not to enter.   There are quite a few photography contests, and after seeing the winning images year after year, I’ve always hesitated to submit.  Before I know it, the deadline has past and the images I selected won’t be a part of the contest.  This year was going to be different.  It’s time I stepped out of my comfort zone and enter.  We were allowed to submit up to 50 images among several different categories.  I had so many incredible weddings last year, it was difficult to narrow the selection down to just 50.  After going through my selections over and over, I finally narrowed it down and entered all 50.

As of today, the voting is officially open until March 10th and I need your help!  I’d love to have your vote on your favorite image!  Currently, there are a ton of submissions in general.  When you select the link below to start voting, you will be directed to the Shoot & Share Contest voting page.  Since there are soooo many submissions, they are in the elimination stage. You will have 4 random images come up and you select your favorite out of the four.  Then a new four pop up…so on and so on.  UNFORTUNATELY, there is no way to just go vote in one category.  The voting is open until March 10th and we will continue to update you on the process of this contest!

Shoot & Share Contest

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