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How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot

Tampa Bay Wedding PhotographerIn today’s Wedding Photography Guide, I want to share a few tips on how to prepare for your photo shoot. You’ve invested time and resources into selecting the perfect photographer and the perfect location for this photoshoot.  So let’s invest in being your best in front of the camera.  What can you do to prepare for a photoshoot?  How much time to you need to dedicate? How inconvenient is this going to be?  Let me reassure you it’s really simple with a little planning.  Below are my suggestions for helping you be prepared for the best photo session!

Deciding what to wear

Let’s pretend for just a moment that you’re not engaged, but instead are about to go on your first date.  You’re chatting with your girlfriends and trying to figure out what to wear.  You want to look your best and give a great first impression so you try on different outfits until you find the perfect look.  I encourage you to also do this for your engagement session!  Try on what you have and if it’s not what you’re wanting then take the time to go find it.  You’re engagement session is a prime opportunity to have really amazing images of just you two that you can look back on for years.  You’re marriage will last for years, but you’ll only be engaged for a short time in your life together.  Take the time to create the look you really want to remember this special time together.  If you’re not sure what you want, check out another Wedding Photography Guide series: What To Wear To An Engagement Session.

Bonus Tip!

Be sure to bring some comfy shoes for walking from place to place, you’re feet and posture will thank you!


Props or No Props?

Many couples ask me about bringing props to the Engagement Session and I say yes please every time!  Props can be as little or as much as you want and don’t have to be in every shot.  Think about what you like to do together for fun and if there is a way we can incorporate it into your shoot.  For example, if you’re big on coffee, this is easy to incorporate!  Look for super cute mugs or make plans to shoot a little at a local coffee shop or even Starbucks.  Love to rescue dogs??  Let’s find a dog park and bring the pups! The possibilities  are endless!

How to Prepare for your photo shoot

Hair and Make Up

Take away one less stress of getting ready before your shoot and get some lash extensions, or a blow out, or even better, work with a pro hair and make up artist to pamper yourself.  Confidence plays a huge role in a successful photo session and is always the best accessory.   If you’re looking for some hair and make up inspiration, check out our Pinterest board – Engagement Sessions to see what some of our brides have done!

How to Prepare for your photo shoot

What to eat and drink

You all know I love a good cheeseburger and fries, but I wouldn’t suggest eating this before your photo shoot.  During, Yes!  After? Definitely yes!  I love cheeseburgers but I don’t love the food baby it leaves after the last bite has been savored.  Personally, this is the last way I would want to look heading into a photo shoot. (hence the cheeseburger portion of my recent head shot photo shoot was the last thing we did!)  You want to make sure you eat on the day of your photo shoot because passing out is not fun, lol!  Eat light and drink lots and lots of water.  I’m a huge fan of lemon water as it always helps with my food babies!

How to Prepare for your photo shoot

What about a good detox?

Maybe this hasn’t crossed your mind but if you love a good bath then I highly recommend doing a detox the week of your session!  Notice I said the week of, or even better a few weeks before if you’ve never done one.  Detox baths are really easy and hardly cost a thing, but can make a huge impact in a positive way!  It can be difficult to drink as much water as our bodies need on a daily basis.  The less water you drink the more dehydrated you become and your body can’t get rid of toxins.  Toxin build up can create extra bloating and who wants to be bloated when stepping in front of a camera?  If this sounds intriguing to you, I encourage you to check out an article I found on Healthy Living How To‘s website called: Why and How to Take a Detox Bath.

How to Prepare for your photo shoot

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