Do I Need Two Photographers For My Wedding?

Do I Need Two Photographers For My Wedding?“Do I need two photographers for my wedding?” is one of the most commonly asked questions among couples.  Before my couples book with me, this is one of the main services we discuss since it can have a huge impact on your final coverage. There are many events that require two photographers but many are surprised that if the schedule and venue stars align, one photography may be all you need.  So, how do you determine what’s best for you?  Follow these two initial steps to help you get a better idea of what’s really important to you, then be sure to talk with your photographer!

Step One

Please always remember is that this is YOUR day and in the end, it’s about what you and your groom want to experience on your wedding day.  If you’re in the beginning stages of planning, I encourage you to do the following:

Write down all of the events that are going to happen on your big day. Your list could look like this for example:

Bride getting ready with Bridesmaids

Groom getting ready with Groomsmen

Wedding day details


First Look

Wedding Party Portraits

Family Portraits

Cocktail hour

Reception (Intros, Special Dances, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Dance/candid shots)

Seems like a lot doesn’t it?  You may automatically think…how could one person cover all of this?  After shooting weddings for over 10 years, I can assure you that it can be done.  The first thing to think about are your venue locations.  If everything is at the same venue (including getting ready!) then it’s easier to configure a timeline that accommodates one shooter.  If you are all over the place, well, here is where I highly recommend bringing in another shooter.  Another good time to bring in a second shooter is if you don’t opt in for a First Look.  When you don’t do a First Look, the majority of  portraits have to be done after the ceremony.

LongBoat Key Wedding Photographer

Step Two

Talk to your photographer!!!!!  Every photographer has their own way of visualizing, planning and executing an event, which is tailored to the artists personality and talent.  Be sure to share with your photographer what aspects of the day are important to you (from step one!) and listen to their suggestions.  This is where you can weed out the professionals from the hobbiest.   Having a wedding photography timeline is vital to ensure everyone is on the same page and important details aren’t over looked.

Still on the hunt for the perfect photographer for you?  Complete step 1 then click here to check out the 5 easy steps it takes to help find the perfect match ~~> How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Happy Wedding Planning!




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