Wedding Photography Guide – Do I need two photographers at my wedding?

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Ahhhh… of the most commonly asked questions among couples and even industry vendors.  When it comes down to it, it all depends on two things. Number 1: What you want as a final product and Number 2: the Photographer.  So, let’s break this down.

Number One

What do you really want?  It’s time to get out the good old pen and paper and start making some notes.  Write down all of the events that are going to happen on your big day and see what’s important to you AND what you are okay with if you don’t have much coverage of.  For example: getting ready, details, ceremony, portraits, cocktail hour, reception program and dance/candid shots are the typical events that your photographer will capture.  Once you’ve determined what you’re looking for, now it’s time to go talk to your photographer. (or to the photographers you are considering hiring)

Number Two

Every photographer is different and personally I don’t think there is one right way of capturing a wedding, or any event for that matter.  We all have our own ways of visualizing, planning and executing that is tailored to the artists personality and talent.  When you’re talking with your photographer, fill them in on what areas of the day hold a high priority regarding coverage and ask how they can meet your goals for the final product.   Some can do it solo while others thrive on having a partner.  For me personally, I love to have a second shooter with me.  I’m blessed to work with some pretty talented photographers, that capture stunning images.  Such as all the images you see here in this very post…captured by my second shooter, Emily.

Still on the hunt for the perfect photographer for you?  Complete Number 1 from above then click here to check out the 5 easy steps it takes to help find the perfect match ~~> The Guide: How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Happy Wedding Planning!



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