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Tampa Wedding PhotographyWelcome to the Main Event!  Today’s contest will decide the better delivery option for your engagement and wedding images.  In the left corner we have the tangible contender, USB Drive, and in the right corner we have the digital contender, Download.  Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Still to this day I want to sit on the side of a boxing ring and go to shutter town, but that story is for a different day.  Today I want to discuss with you the different options for image delivery.  Living in a world consumed with technology, there seems to be endless options for how you receive the final product from your photographer.  Your options are the digital download or receiving a tangible item such as a usb drive, disk or even prints.  Yes….prints are still alive!  I encourage you to talk to each photographer you are interviewing, asking about how they deliver your final images.  In the meantime, here are some things to consider to help decide what’s best for you.


Tangible Delivery

 There are many ways of hand delivering your images including prints, disks and the most common, USB drives.  Personally, when I’m paying for a service, it’s nice to get something back in the end that I can hold in my hands.  Especially when it’s a pretty little item!  I mean, who doesn’t like getting something pretty in the mail?

wedding photography delivery

A great feature to receiving a usb drive is how your files are displayed on the drive.  For my couples I break down your images into categories such as, Details, Bride and Groom Portraits, Ceremony and so forth which matches the breakdown you see on your gallery.  This makes it easy for you to find images instead of scrolling through hundreds to find that one shot of your bridesmaids seeing you in your dress for the first time that you want to make your cover photo on facebook. SCORE! If you’re not big on organizing, I encourage you to consider this option since all the work is done for you! DOUBLE SCORE! I also provide you with a personal release form, which is neatly added to your USB drive as well.

Tangible Bonus

The drives I provide are 8 gb.  Even my huge Indian Weddings don’t take up 8 gb, which means there is plenty of room on your drive for all of the photos your friends and family took.  Now you can keep ALL of your wedding photos in one place! #happydance

wedding photography delivery

Digital Delivery

Online galleries are offered by more and more photographers as the demand continues to increase for easy access and sharing of images.  A wonderful feature using online galleries includes the ease of sharing your images with anyone you desire.  This opens up endless possibilities of sharing your images from emailing the link to family and friends to sharing on nearly all social media platforms. One feature I love about our PASS galleries is they have an app you can download to your device.  The galleries can even give your guests the opportunity to buy their own prints and can even download their own digital copy. Incredible!  Points for digital download! Now that you’ve viewed, shared and downloaded your engagement and wedding images from your online gallery….now what?  It’s up to you to organize and back up your images (now that can be a punch to the gut!).

Online Gallery Bonus

With our PASS galleries, our images are online for 10 years!  10 YEARS!!!  Imagine being able to access your images anytime, any where for the next 10 years.  Pretty amazing considering I can only view my wedding images when I open the scrapbook wedding album I have on the shelf. #nobueno

wedding photography delivery

So who wins the match??? I say both, which is why I provide my couples with both options.  How do I do this?  When your engagement images are ready, they are uploaded to both your online gallery (to easily view and share!) and to a drop box link (easy to download!) so you can receive them as soon as possible. After the wedding I add your images to the engagement gallery. Then I deliver a branded USB drive that includes both your engagement and wedding images, plus your personal release form. When it really comes down to it, it’s a personal preference as to how you want the files delivered.  For some, it’s a no brainier that they want complete control of how their images are organized and have their own plan for backing up their images.  Others, love that little pretty package and knowing the fact that a professional organized all their images.  Talk to your photographer, see what they offer and decide if it’s best for you!

Tip: No matter if you receive your files via USB drive or digital download, it’s important to have an extra copy in a different location as a back up.  Keep in mind that technology is constantly changing and you may need to move your files to a different device to keep up with the times.  Remember floppy disks??? Are there even computers on the market that come with a floppy disk reader?  You don’t want to have your images on a device that you can’t access easily in 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now.  Don’t let your images fall into the technology hole just because you have a digital copy of them!

P.S. If your images are in print (of any sort including albums) then you never have to worry about the ever changing world of technology! #familyheirlooms

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