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Pinterest For Wedding Photographers

Pinterest for wedding photographers‘Can you believe this couple just emailed me their Pinterest board with hundreds of images to replicate?  Don’t they know I’m the artist?  Didn’t they look at my style of photography? Don’t they know that we can’t get all the shots on their ‘board’ in the time I have with them on the wedding day?  I can’t stand Pinterest!’

Yeah…I was like ‘woah’ too.  Some photographers really, really don’t like Pinterest.  It started to make me question why so many couples and photographers were butting heads on this whole Pinterest phenomenon.  Look at this question again…’Don’t they know that we can’t get all the shots on the wedding day?’.  My answer to that is…if you’re communicating with the couple, then yes…yes they should.

Personally, I love Pinterest boards.  I love it when my client shares them with me and you want to know why?  It’s a great communication tool for both the couple and the photographer.  It can give a photographer insight on what the couple envisions. It also helps the photographer educate the couple on what can and can’t be done on a wedding day.  But there’s the key…the photographer educating the couple on what can and can’t be done.  Let’s dive into that a little further.

Pinterest for wedding photographers

As most of you are surely aware, Pinterest is filled with hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of ‘wedding images’.  Most that are pinning these images, literally pin them to a board, but never actually go to the website where it came from.  This brings up the question…was this image from a real wedding…or an styled shoot?

Styled shoots are becoming very popular and the internet is flooded with them.  I completely understand why….they can be gorgeous and at most times a photographers dream to capture.  The downside is it can produce unrealistic ideas for real life wedding days.  During a styled shoot you have this magical thing called time control.  This only exists to a small degree on a wedding day.  Of course you plan out a photography timeline (or at least you should be) but let’s face it.  Things happen on a wedding day that can take your carefully planned out timeline and throw it out the window.  So, where do we go from here?

Pinterest for wedding photographers

It’s simple.  Talk to the photographer about the images on your Pinterest board.  Know that most images cannot be duplicated, but instead can inspire your photographer and be a visual guide to what you’re looking for.  Compare your pinned images to the style of the photographer you’re interested in.  If they don’t match, then chances are you’re not going to receive the style of images you want.

Looking to see more of the photographers work to know if they’re a good fit?  Ask them if they are on Pinterest!  You can check out my Pinterest board here to see both real engagements, weddings and yes…even styled shoots.

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