July 27, 2016

Botanical Gardens, Largo Engagement Session – Tracy & David

“Have you ever been to the Botanical Gardens?” Tracy asked me when we started to plan her engagement session. I responded…”YES!” as I start to get giddy with excitement at all the possibilities the Botanical Gardens have to offer.  All of the trees and flowers are in full bloom during the summer, which will make for stunning backdrops.  This is exactly what Tracy was looking for, which makes the Botanical Gardens a perfect spot.  My only concern was that it’s summer time in Florida, which means we have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon.  The week leading up to Tracy and David’s engagement session, Pinellas County was getting hammered and I’ll admit, this made me a little nervous that we would have to reschedule Tracy and David’s session.

The day has finally arrived and not a drop of rain was seen at the Gardens as we strolled through the winding paths.  With pockets of sunshine coming through the trees and from David’s son, Ethan, we played around in every spot we could.  Even when Ethan stepped out for a few photos, Tracy and David continued the fun loving…and Ethan’s “ewwwww their kissing!” kept everyone laughing all night long.

To Tracy and David,

Thank you both so much for brightening up my day and creating so many magical moments for me to capture.  You guys were too much fun to hang with and I’m even more excited for your wedding day!

To Ethan,

Man, you rocked it!  Thank you for putting up with having to smile for a few shots and even giving me some funny faces too.

Much love to you all!



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