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Renaissance Vinoy Bridal – TBT – Blush Wedding

Every time I look at this image I fall in love with it all over again.  Not just because it’s the perfect dress, perfect lighting, perfect linens, perfect hair but because of this gorgeous bride, Blush.  While getting ready the morning of her big day, surrounded by her closest girls, laughter was every where.  Blush’s excitement for the day was intoxicating.  Then there is this one moment…this moment where Blush stands by the window and settles into this pose so naturally.  As I stand across the room with all of her girls behind me, snapping away on their cell phones, the room fell silent.  I look up from my camera to see everyone standing in awe of this vision.  Blush was so beautiful her presence silenced the room.  That my friends is worthy of a tbt.

Happy Thursday!

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