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Wedding AlbumOne of the biggest decisions I see my couples struggle with is whether they should purchase a wedding album or not.  With so many wedding photographers on the market, you’ll quickly discover the wide range of options and styles.  Some photographers are simply ‘Shoot and Burn’ photographers (which don’t offer albums at all), and others have more than one size and shape to choose from.  So, what’s right for you?

For some couples, this is easy.  Yes they want an album and select either the only choice they have, or pick their favorite from the menu.  Others don’t want an album at all, so there is no decision to make.  But what about those that are stuck?  They like the idea of having an album, but don’t know if they can afford it…or even what size they would want.  What do those couples do?  Why not wait until after the wedding to make this decision?  I mean…choosing your wedding album size or shape isn’t going to effect your actual wedding day, so why worry about it now?  Today I want to share the cold hard truth about waiting until after the wedding to purchase your album.


Wedding Album

By the time you’re interviewing photographers, chances are you’ve already booked your venue and maybe a wedding planner.  You’ve officially been introduced to the wedding planning process and realize that this is serious business.  You have hundreds of options and you are watching your dream wedding bill rise into the tens of thousands.  It can be pretty scary.  So, when you’re given the opportunity to make one less decision…spend a little less money, it can be tempting to jump on the “I’ll do it after the wedding” train.  I will warn you my friends…this can lead to you not having an album at all.

In my experience, once the wedding has come and gone, my couples are forever grateful that all the planning, decision making and any money spending is over.  Moving forward as husband and wife in life is an exciting time in a young marriage and they are anxious to go for it.  But hang on a second.  Before you start moving forward, what about the album you decided to wait on?  Do you still want it?  Yes, you have the money for it but really?  Spending more money on your wedding doesn’t sound as appealing as spending it on your next vacation or buying your first home together.  And I don’t blame you one bit.

Wedding Album

Here’s my advise to you.  If you’re on the fence, ask your photographer what your options are and make an educated decision on what’s best for you both.  Find out from your photographer what albums they offer and if you even have the option to purchase after the wedding.  If you do, be sure to find out if there are any additional fees or price increase. With us, if you purchase the album with your package, we offer a small discount.  If you do decide to hold off until after the wedding, then I encourage you to keep the cost (or at least part of it) associated in your wedding budget and set it aside.  Trust me, you’ll thank me when it comes time to place the order and you have the cash sitting there waiting for it!

Happy Wedding Planning!


Wedding Album

Bonus Tip

Can’t afford the whole album now?  Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer about finance options or other solutions they may have for you.  We’re here to help make the stress of hiring a wedding photographer as easy as possible.

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