February 10, 2017

Miami Wedding Photography

Larah & Finney

Larah and Finney’s moment to express their love for one another and begin their lives as husband and wife has finally arrived.  The planning is complete, the alter is graced with beautiful florals.  The food is being prepared and the tables set.  It’s officially wedding day and like most, emotions are in full bloom.  Both Larah and Finney were ready, but in their own very different ways.

Larah was cool, calm and filled with joy as she got ready with her closest family and friends.  Throughout the entire morning, Larah’s smile was contagious and excitement rang with every step she took.  Finney, on the other hand, was just a tad bit nervous.

The music begins to play as the Parents of the Bride and Parents of the Groom walk down the aisle to begin the ceremony.  Followed by the Groom and Groomsmen entrance, then the Bridesmaids.  As everyone takes their seats, I turn to Finney to capture the moment he sees his Bride for the first time.  He’s cool, calm and collected.  Then, as the guests rise I take a closer look and see the flood of emotions take over him (even though he was pretty good at holding it in) and then I turn back to Larah and her father walking down the aisle.  Larah, just like Finney, had a flood of emotion rush over her and they both fought back tears of joy, excitement and love.  It was truly a beautiful beginning to such a sacred ceremony.

This joy, excitement and love continued on greatly throughout the day, but mostly expressed during Larah and Finney’s bridal portraits.  Larah made a comment to me during this time, “You’ve been the only one to get him to smile all day”.  No Larah….he’s smiling so hard in this moment because it’s just the two of you now.  It was a magical moment for you to have a time together where no body else is around to distract and you can concentrate on just each other.  Being with you, calling you his wife is what made him smile so big and so often during your portrait session.  You are the reason for his happiness.

A big shout out to all of Larah and Finney’s family and closest friends…for you have contributed to the foundation that Larah and Finney now stand upon as husband and wife.  Your love and support show how much you truly care for this couple.  Thank you for your high energy and smile beyond smile you brought this day.

Getting Ready Venue:  Marriott Courtyard Coral Gables
Ceremony Venue:  Granada Presbyterian Church
Photography:  Kimberly Photography
Event Planner: Happily Ever After Wedding Company
Hair: Art of Hair by Claudia
Make Up:  Make Up and the City
Reception Venue:  Coral Gables Country Club
Videography: Captivated Films
DJ and Master of Ceremony:  DJ USA
Uplighting: Pavan Events
Florist: Casa Diris


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  1. Huma nizamuddin

    April 5th, 2018 at 3:49 pm


    These are stunning photos of a beautiful couple! 🙂 I have had the pleasure working with them as the designer for all stationary/design items (programs, signage, menu cards, etc). It’s been a while since this wedding so I am not sure if I have the proper email addresses anymore, but Larah did mention that when she gets the photos she would send them over to me so I can properly display them online. I was wondering if you are still able to get ahold of them/if I can have any photos pertaining to the designs?

    Hope all is well!

    Best regards,

  2. Kimberly

    April 9th, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Hello Huma!

    I received your other message and am so glad you were able to get in touch with the bride!

    Have a wonderful day!

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