February 24, 2017

Fun Engagement Session – Philippe Park – Dianne and Will

It was a sunny day, mid 70’s for a high, low humidity…perfect weather for a Florida engagement session or just to be out enjoying the day.  As I pull into Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, Florida, I quickly realize that literally EVERYONE is out and enjoying the day.  This should be interesting I thought…time to find a place where nobody is.

As I journeyed through the park, I came across a secluded path and a field where the sun poured through the large open space.  Jackpot…now time to meet up with Dianne and Will.

Once we arrived to my ‘secret location’ (insert evil laugh!), Dianne and Will quickly informed me that they were a tad bit nervous and needed some direction on what to do.  “No problem” I told them…”I even have a little fun surprise for the end of our session, if you’re up for it”.  With anticipation of what this surprise would be, Dianne and Will follow me back through the woods to this hidden path and boom!  Right away, they gracefully fell into each others arms and busted out in pure laughter. “Direction?” I asked them???  You think you need direction??? It may have been nervous laughter at first, but with each click of the camera, you could see Dianne and Will become comfortable.  In the end our session was filled with laughter, hugs and kisses and golden light perfection…and a BIG BANG at the end!

After rocking their way through Philippe Park, it was time to reveal my fun surprise.  (All the while I’m praying they go for the idea and not look at me like I’m some crazy person…we’ve all been there, right?)  Ready for the surprise??  Scroll on down and check out the last image!

Dianne and Will,

You may have been nervous in the beginning, but you were perfection the whole way through!  It was a blast hanging out with you and getting to know you better.  November can’t get here soon enough!



“That was so much fun!”  ~~  Will and Dianne


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