Navy & Peach Florida Outdoor Wedding at Home – Tracy & David

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“I had started to warm up to the idea of a First Look, but after witnessing that!  Wow!  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this!” my said mom right after Tracy and David’s first look on a blue sky afternoon.  Yep, my mama.  She was in town the weekend Tracy would go from Single2Swingle and had been asking for years to go with me on a wedding.  With Tracy’s blessing, mom had the “of course!” to tag along.  (thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart!)

The first time I asked Tracy if she had considered a First Look, she said “yes and the answer is no”.  She just wasn’t having it.  No problem I told her, we’ll create a schedule that gives us the most time for Bride and Groom portraits after the ceremony.  As the wedding approached, we met up at what is now one of my favorite joints, Clear Sky Draught Haus in downtown Dunedin.  While we feasted on sliders, tacos and burgers, Tracy and David looked at each other and said, “we want to do a first look!”  At first I didn’t believe them…I even asked if they was sure…oh probably like 50 times.  But yes, schedule in that first look I did.  I had high expectations for their reactions being that Tracy is just always happy and excited when ever I’m around her.  What I didn’t expect, was for it to feel like we were in the clouds, dancing around on #9.

The wedding day has arrived.  As I walk through the front door, I find Tracy grinning from ear to ear and lighting up every room she entered.  With each passing moment, her energy and joy increased and spread like wild fire.  The magic didn’t end there as every single family member and dearest friend was fully engaged in every moment and celebrated into the night as the stars shone bright.

I really could go on and on about how Ethan looked so dapper in his tux…even while riding around on atv’s most the day.  About how everyone giggled when David’s ring needed some extra encouragement to get on his finger during the ceremony.  Oh…or how AMAZING these little cupcakes at the reception were.  Mmmmm….Cupcakes.  Literally. 😉  But, I’ll stop rambling and just let you relive one of the most gorgeous ‘backyard’ weddings I’ve ever witnessed.

Scroll through to see the images at your own pace, or view them as a slideshow HERE!

Photographer – Kimberly Photography
Officiant – The Honorable Judge St. Arnold
Makeup Artist – Destiny and Light
Bridal & Bridesmaid Dresses – CC’S Boutique
Tuxes – Men’s Warehouse
Florist – Publix
Videographer – Hatfield Productions
Cake Artist – Mmmm Delicious
Rentals – Smith Rents TentsCustom Linens, Handy Can & Gulf Coast Party and Event Rental





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