April 26, 2017

Bonita Springs, Florida Indian-Cuban Fusion Wedding – Nithya & Ryan

Nithya & Ryan

April 9, 2017

Tampa Indian Wedding Photography

Lakshmi, mother of the bride, quickly introduced herself to me the morning of Nithya and Ryan’s puja.  She grabbed my hand and lead me around the room, introducing me to the closest family members.  I loved how she would introduce me…”This is so-and-so…they are related this way and very, very high on the priority list and should be in several photos”.  (Okay, maybe not exact word for word…but it’s darn close).  My favorite part was Lakshmi raising her hand to a certain level depending on the family members importance.  Of course, everyone was above her heart, but the grandparents….they were above her head!  If this wasn’t a clue to how important family members are, then no evidence would suffice.  I have to admit that these sacred family members were easy to keep an eye on…they were everywhere helping in every way.

Then I met Ryan’s mom, Olga.  (love this woman)  All weekend long, she was so excited. This was her first Indian wedding and she soaked up every moment in it’s full glory.  Although, you’d never know it was her first Indian wedding with how easily she fulfilled her role in every tradition.

Let’s not forget the fathers….Ray and Ramiah.  I always adore men who wear their hearts on their sleeves.  Both of these men held no reserve to show the love and gratitude they had for not only their children, but to everyone that attended this auspicious weekend.

Next are Nithya’s brother Arvind and Ryan’s sister Rachel.  Arvind executed his brotherly duties very well by supporting Nithya when ever she needed it the most.  Rachel (who can pop the perfect pose on demand) sustained a permanent smile all weekend long…a gift she received from her mother.  Not to mention they both rocked performing as MC for Sangeet on Saturday night.

I could go on and on about all of the Aunt’s, Uncles, cousins that took so much practice, time and care into every detail of this wedding.  I could tell you about how they dropped what ever they were doing, the second they were asked.  And with a big smile on their face.  Their songs, performances and speeches (even the ones that didn’t know they were speaking!) were executed to a T.  They put their heart and souls into ensuring Nithya and Ryan’s wedding was perfection and it showed.

I mentioned in their sneak peek that Nithya and Ryan’s “fiercely loyal, unconditionally loving” and “most caring” personalities are a reflection of those that raised them.  This environment of open mined, positive, inviting, encouraging, loving people have set Nithya and Ryan up for success in more areas then just their personalities and careers, but in a marriage as well.

Nithya and Ryan,

I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to trust your dearest, most loved memories to capture.  You may walk away from this relationship with memories to last you decades….but you both (along with your incredible families) have impacted my heart forever.



P.S.  To Mercedes Molina….oh my heart.  There are no words to describe your beautiful smile.  Even though it was only 2 short days of being in your presence, your sweet, sweet hug at the end of the night will stay with me forever.  Thank you.

Let’s not forget the incredible creative team that worked so passionately to execute Nithya and Ryan’s fusion wedding!

Venue: Hyatt Regency Bonita Springs
Wedding Planner: Eventrics Weddings
Decor: Suhaag Garden
Catering: Madras Catering & Event Production
Hair and Make Up:  Aradia
Mehndi:  Henna by Priya
DJ:  Volcanik Entertainment
Photographer:  Kimberly Photography
Videographer:  NSPG Media


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