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Wedding Photography Experience

Planning your wedding photography can be over whelming and finding a sea of photographers that all look a like can be intimidating.  What makes each of these photographers different, if their images and even branding all are similar?  This answer is much easier than you may think.  Experience.  There’s so much more to being a professional wedding photographer than taking pretty pictures.

Wedding Photography

Waking up to this email from one of my #kpbridetribe of 1.5 years nearly brought tears to my eyes and made my heart explode.

“Hope all is going well! Josef and I are now 1.5 years married – still feels so recent. Married life is great! And every wedding I’ve attended since, a huge takeaway for me is how amazing you were! You had things planned in advance, determined where/when/who pictures would involve, and supported us through our special day. I especially love how diligent you were about checking the weather and getting our beautiful photos in between the bands of rain – our pictures with the water reflections all around us are my favorite! Your talent and kindness are so special. So, thank you again. We love our photos and appreciate you very much!

Wedding Photography

Here are simple steps you can take to determine a wedding photography pro from a wedding photography hobbyist:

  1. Ask people that have already gotten married!  See who they used for their wedding photography and ask about their experience.  Would they hire them all over again?  Would they do anything different?  Asking for recommendations and hearing about other people stories can save you a lot of time and heartache.
  2. Do your research. Yes, this can take time, but aren’t your wedding photography images worth it?  Your wedding photographer is one of very few vendors that will be by your side throughout the entire day.  Make sure you work with someone you not only admire but trust completely.
  3. Communicate with your photographer!  There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to planning your wedding photography.  Don’t assume your photographer knows what you envision.  Just the same, your photographer should lay out all expectations from the very beginning.

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