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Fairchild Tropical Garden Wedding – sneak peek

Hannah & Amar

Fairchild Tropical Garden Wedding

It takes a lot of love that is truly meant to be to last a long distant relationship.  A love that is patient, understanding and supportive beyond measure. Not only did Hannah and Amar’s relationship mostly exist through long distance, but so did their wedding planning.

So how did these two meet if they were mostly in different states?  As fate would have it, Hannah happened to be hanging out with a new group of friends that went to a party.  A party where Amar happened to be attending too.  Even though they were both on their own paths, life found a way to bring these two souls together.

Here’s a quick peek into their Fairchild Tropical Garden fusion wedding.

Venue: Fairchild Tropical Garden
Photographer: Kimberly Photography
Planner: Masi Events
Florist: NikiCreations
DJ: Jai Ho Fit
Videographer: Noor K Videography

Fairchild Tropical Garden Wedding

A quick shout out to this fun, energetic wedding party!  You guys truly turned this wedding into a celebration!

Fairchild Tropical Garden Wedding


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