Real Senior Photoshoot Experience – Trinity

Downtown Clearwater

Class of 2018 Senior Session

real senior photo shoot experience

Trinity had a vision for her senior photo session and there was no other place she’d rather rock it out than downtown Clearwater.  I have to admit I was a little surprised since this is the first time in my 11 year career that I ever had the request to shoot in downtown Clearwater.  In all reality, it’s really a fantastic area to shoot in.  While we would have to wait for the occasional few cars to pass by, in comparison, it was nothing to other bigger city landscapes.   We also found a ton of great little spots to shoot in with incredible lighting.  Which personally is one of my favorites things…like ever.  Maybe not more than cheeseburgers though.

real senior photo session experience

So, what’s the moral of this story?  Never underestimate a new location that’s literally 15 minutes away and if you have a pup…and someone you dearly love, bring them along to your shoot!  Trinity rocked it out for plenty of solo images, but the one’s with Lincoln are my favorite.  But really, here’s what Trinity has to say about taking your senior session to the next level:

“Now, to all future seniors, if you want to have even more fun at your shoot… bring your dog. I’m dead serious. Along with bringing your dog, bring your besets friend i.e. your sister/brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Remember to let yourself enjoy the process. This shoot is a symbol of a chapter in your life closing. Smile, belly laugh, ask for some candid shots so you can laugh at them when you get your final prints back!”

real senior photo session experience

If you’re still on the fence on what your experience could be like working with me for your senior photos, check out Trinity’s experience scripted in her own words:

“Kimberly Photography is a company that is client-centered, talented, and genuine. If you’re not used being in front of the camera, having pictures done can be uncomfortable. She will laugh with you and crack her own jokes to ease your nerves about the session.  When you pick your location for your shoot, Kimberly will look for unique nooks and crannies for you to have your special shots. If you want shots that are uniquely yours, I would 100% recommend Kimberly!”

Like these few favorite images?  Be sure to check out the rest of my favorite images from Trinity’s downtown Clearwater photo shoot on her very own feature!

real senior photo session experience


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