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Wedding Photography Review – Priya & Savan

Wyndam Grand Clearwater Beach Wedding

Indian Wedding Photography

Imagine yourself sitting in your favorite spot, with your favorite drink and you look down to see this gorgeous diamond sitting on your left hand.  You’re engaged, and it just recently happened.  You’ve been on cloud 9 celebrating with family and friends.  Now you’re about to dive into planning when you realize just how big of a task this is and how overwhelming it can feel to see how many ‘wedding pros’ are out there.  Who on earth can you trust?

With false reviews and image stealing (yes, this is a thing photographers have to deal with), it’s hard to know what’s real and who’s going to really take care of you and keep your best interest at heart…and not their own pocket book.  You want someone who you can trust, but you also want to like this vendor so much you’d go have lunch with them one day.  How do you determine who makes your wedding dream team?

The best advise I can give you is to talk to other real couples that have been through the process.  Ask them what they loved, and what they would change if they had to do it all over again.  If you like this advise, then you’re in luck!  Today I’m here to share Priya and Savan’s multi day Indian wedding experience with you.  The good, the bad…wait…there wasn’t really any bad with this event.  What does that mean?  Priya and Savan nailed putting together a creative team that made their dream wedding come to life.  (Especially the cake!!!!)

Without further delay…here’s what Priya and Savan have to say!  (When you’re done be sure to check out their full wedding feature link below!)

Wedding Photography Review Wyndham Grand Indian Wedding photographed by Kimberly Photography

What was your favorite part of working with Kimberly Photography?

“Really easy to work with you and felt stress free. I also feel like you kept us on time for everything which was great. I also felt like you were with us every step of the way, the planning meeting made me feel like I could trust you to know all the photos were gonna be perfect since we saw the locations together.”

Wedding Photography Review Wyndham Grand Indian Wedding photographed by Kimberly Photography

If you could share one piece of advice with couples currently planning, what would it be?

“I think the engagement shoot we did to get to work together before the wedding was key.  Also, definitely to get things done as early as possible. Makes the whole process easier.”

Wedding Photography Review Wyndham Grand Indian Garba photographed by Kimberly Photography

In the end, Priya and Savan believe:

“When we were deciding on someone to do the photography for our wedding, we knew we wanted to work with someone who had experience with large south Asian weddings. Savan and I had the opportunity to get to know Kimberly Photography at my sisters wedding the year prior to starting our planning. She was professional, timely, and incredibly considerate so it was an easy choice. She was very available at any time we needed her and was an integral part of the planning process. She worked with our difficult schedules to assure we had the opportunity to do an engagement photo shoot and get to work together prior to the wedding day. This was key because it was a great way to get over being camera shy and get used to each other. She worked seamlessly with our wedding planner and design team to ensure that we would have the wedding day and photos of our dreams. Finally, she delivered our photos to us promptly and we could not have been happier with the result. Overall we would highly recommend Kimberly Photography for anyone looking for a photographer for any event.”

So, what do you think? Pretty great huh? To see all the magic that unfolded for Priya & Savan’s large South Asian wedding, CLICK HERE!  Also, to see Priya’s elegant yellow lace dress from their engagement session, CLICK HERE!  Seriously…this dress is to die for and can be found at Macy’s!

Venue: Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach
Planner: Tracie Domino Events
Photographer: Kimberly Photography
Event Designer: Suhaag Garden
Garba Entertainment: Kotark Entertainment
Entertainment: Volcanik Entertainment
Carriage: St Pete Carriages
Caterer: Khasiyat Orlando & Indian Grill
Cake Artist: Hands on Sweets
Hair & Make Up: Michele Renee Studio
Henna Artist: Khaira Lalani
Dhol Player: Dhol Mitul G
Dress Designer : Binari Art
Videographer: Riant Films


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