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Engagement Photography Review – Kelsey & Sam

St Petersburg Engagement Session

Planning this St Petersburg engagement session started shortly after Kelsey booked us…I mean very shortly after! lol  We dove right into the planning, deciding where we would shoot, what dates worked best and what they would wear.  We had it all figured out, then disaster struck.  The day we were supposed to shoot, murky grey clouds decided they would roll on in. While Kelsey asked for advise on locations and needed help with outfit selections, there was one thing she knew for sure.  She wanted bright photos with sunshine and that just wasn’t going to happen with a sky full of grey clouds.  So we rescheduled and were lucky enough to have perfect weather that only March in Florida can bring.

Most of you know that I adore engagement sessions.  It’s an opportunity to work with your photographer before the wedding and become comfortable in front of their camera.  Which essentially helps you better understand what to expect on your wedding day.  Plus, your photographer sees first hand how you interact in a non-wedding stressful environment.  This contributes to my planning efficient Bride and Groom wedding day portraits because let’s face it.  Nobody wants to spend their wedding day taking photos.  #winwin Plus, since you’re all dressed up, it’s a great opportunity to schedule a date night! #winwinwin!

So here are a few words from the Bride and Groom to be on what they think of their Kimberly Photography engagement session experience!

St Petersburg Engagement Session Photography by Kimberly Photography

What was your favorite part of working with Kimberly Photography?

“Our favorite part of working with Kimberly was her free spirit and how comfortable she makes you feel throughout the process. Most guys are dreading taking photos but she makes it fun for the both of you and the photos turn out amazing. She is also very flexible when it comes to working with your schedule and what your envisioning for your upcoming photo shoot, from outfits to props she is there 110% with any feedback and recommendations you may need!”

St Petersburg Engagement Session Photography by Kimberly Photography

If you could share one piece of advice with couples currently planning, what would it be?

“For other couples currently planning….make sure you have your outfits picked out well in advance and make sure they are not too matchy matchy. Outfits that lightly compliment one another are so perfect for photos! Also I recommend to not have too many patterns going on so the focus is more on your connection as a couple. But thats just me!

I also recommend having examples of specific photos you are envisioning and any props that may go along with as well. Send them to Kimberly in advance so she knows specifically what you are looking for and so she can brainstorm on where the “perfect” spot would be for your envisions.

And last but not least, HAVE FUN! Don’t over think about how you look and that people are watching you take pictures (if you’re in a public spot)…if you overthink the photos may not turn out as well. Have a nice and relaxing night before your shoot and when in front of the camera act like you normally do when you’re out and enjoying each other.”

St Petersburg Engagement Session Photography by Kimberly Photography

In the end, Kelsey and Sam believe:

“Working with Kimberly is very easy, and she makes you feel so comfortable when you are in front of the camera (especially if it’s your first time, like us!).”

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