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Fusion Columbian Indian Wedding Review – Nathaly & Angad

Sarasota Multiple Day Fusion Wedding

I remember my first conversation with Nathaly like it was just yesterday.  What sticks out the most was how excited she was.  She was excited about being engaged, she was excited for planning a Columbian/Indian fusion wedding and she was excited to talk with me!  Feeding off her energy, we chatted like old friends catching up on a warm summers day.  We were destined to work together.

Fast forward to their engagement session at Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota.  These two love birds fell into each others arms so naturally, I hardly had to tell them what to do.  It was beautiful to see a love so deep between two foreign souls.  Fast forward again to the wedding this past June.  Wearing their love on their sleeves, they joined in two beautiful ceremonies and celebrated the night away in pure Columbian Crazy Hour style.  These two did an incredible job putting together a union and celebration that truly represented each culture.  That my friends takes A LOT of planning.  From one bride to another, Nathaly shares her experience when working with us for this incredible wedding:

Sarasota Tampa Fusion Indian Wedding Photography by Kimberly Photography

What was your favorite part of working with Kimberly Photography?

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kimberly. She is extremely professional yet not rigid, and she kept everyone in check. Communication with Kimberly is super simple, since she is only a phone call or an email away. She is very prompt about getting back to the people she works with. She also coordinates very well with other vendors! All in all, it was a BLAST working with Kimberly!”

Sarasota Tampa Fusion Indian Wedding Photography by Kimberly Photography. Click here to see more!

If you could share one piece of advice with couples currently planning, what would it be?

“Every couple should make their Wedding Photographs one of the top priorities when it comes to planning, because photographs are memories that will be there forever. After the ceremony and party ends, you will forget the taste of the food, the flowers will eventually wilt, but the beautiful memories will forever stay intact.”

Sarasota Tampa Fusion Indian Wedding Photography by Kimberly Photography.  Click here to see more!

In the end, Nathaly & Angad believe:

“Hiring Kimberly Photography for our wedding pictures was the best decision we made! She captured every moment beautifully! We loved her photography style. All the pictures have a natural and unique flow, which is something my husband and I wanted! Thank you Kimberly for capturing all the amazing moments of our two day celebration! Gracias!”

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