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Happy Birthday My Love

One of the most common questions Jason and I are asked is how long we’ve been married. I have to admit, I’ve come to really enjoy peoples reactions when they hear the answer.  The look of shock comes over their face and they say something like “you’ve been married for how long??”.  Before I tell you how long we’ve been married, I want to share with you a few really big reasons why this man should be extra celebrated this weekend.

When I met Jason allll those years ago (lol) there were a few things I learned about him right off the bat.  #1: He’s hot.  I mean seriously, anyone with eyeballs could see that.  Dreamy Italian guy with all the charm to go with it.  #2: He’s driven.  He knew exactly what he wanted and fought for the life he wanted to create.  #3: He refuses to give up. When he commits to something, he gives it his all.

Now, I know these statements are pretty vague, so I’ll let the following photos do the talking….along with a little bit of caption. 😉

#1 – He’s a hottie

I’ve shared this image many times before, but can you blame me?  I mean, it is literally our first photo together and taken by my closest friend.  Besides, it really catches us in our prime of tanning in the sun (part of our job…oh darn right?) and working out together. So I believe this takes care of #1.

#2 – Driven

After visiting a friend in the summer of 1999, Jason learned “it’s hard to get the sand out of your toes” as his uncle would say.  This 3 month visit turned into a permanent residency.  Obviously this wasn’t the plan, so with $300 and only a car full of stuff, he created a family and career here in Florida.

#3 – Giving it His All

One of Jason’s qualities I admired the most was how big his heart is.  He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and help you solve nearly any problem.  As amazing as these personality traits are, giving all of his effort shines through the most when it comes to being a family man.  He’s faced so many ups and downs in his career so that I can pursue photography and stay home with our son.  When this man decides to commit to something, it’s all or nothing for him.  In the tough times; the tired times; the frazzled times, the uh-oh times, he doesn’t give up.  I couldn’t ask for a better man for my son to learn from.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Here’s to you babe, my foundation, my encourager, my strength, my best friend, the love of my life and the best baby daddy I could ever ask for.  Happy Birthday honey!  Let your weekend celebration begin!

P.S. I wasn’t kidding when I said he doesn’t give up, we’ve been married for 17 years!


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