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Meet DJ Cory Barron & Co.

Tampa wedding dj and entertainment

Over the years I’ve realized that most couples end goal for their wedding (other than actually getting hitched) is creating an experience that their guests will love.  A problem I’ve noticed though, is that couples don’t put their DJ high on the priority list.  The typical order of vendors falls with the venue, planner, photographer and usually dress are the first few items off the list. Then the rest of the creative team isn’t on the same priority list.  Of course you want to have a good DJ, however it seems like finding the right DJ isn’t really a thought out process.  Your DJ selection can truly make or break your wedding so it’s vital to know what to look for when hunting for that perfect fit.

What if I told you there is a DJ that cares about the atmosphere and flow of your event so much he started his own company.  This way he can implement a new strategy to making your celebration a night you’ll never forget and will truly be uniquely yours.

Let me introduce you to a guy who loves the smell of sawdust, his 2 golden retrievers, the sound of a golf ball hitting the bottom of a cup and a good Old Fashioned…Cory Barron.  He’s recently engaged and the proud owner of DJ Cory Barron & Co. which is taking the industry by storm.

Tampa wedding dj and entertainment

I’ve known Cory for years…maybe even decades by now.  There is one thing that always makes his events stand out.  Every event flows smoothly and ends with a packed danced floor for hours.  Okay, so that’s two.  Recently Cory and I got together over a cheeseburger and bourbon (he knows me too well) so I could dig into what sets him a part in the Tampa Bay area.

I asked him, “Where do you see the Wedding DJ industry in the future?”  Cory replied, “My short answer is no where.  Nobody is doing anything to enhance this industry and if it continues, there will be no growth.  They aren’t training anyone or doing anything to provide the client a personalized experience.  Eventually the current DJ’s will retire.  More and more venues are offering in house audio systems and even lighting.  Where does that leave my industry?  No where.”

Tampa wedding dj and entertainment

He continues to say, “The only thing that DJ’s are going to be able to do to set themselves a part is through planning with each couple and offering both DJ and Emcee services.  It all comes back to the flow of the party and not just the couple’s experience but the guests as well.  The atmosphere plays a big roll in this too.”

This my friends is where Cory rises above the rest.  There is so much more that goes into the flow of an event than good music.  The room layout, lighting, gobo placement (so much more important than you may think!) and working well with the entire creative team all play a large factor into the success of your event.  All of these qualities and so much more is what you can expect when working with DJ Cory Barron & Co., his growing team and his vision.

To find out how you can create an event your guests will want to share about for years to come, contact Cory today!

Tampa wedding dj and entertainment

  1. Diana says:

    What a great blog about Cory! He’s an amazing young man and definitely the future of an important industry! The reason I chose him for my own daughter’s wedding… ♥️

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you for your sweet words Diana! He certainly is an amazing young man! You are a smart mother-of-the-bride to hire him! How was the reception?

  2. Mona L Peterson says:

    Nice!! A sweet change!!

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