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My Health Adventure

Recently, I’ve had quite a few people ask me about my health and fitness routine and what has led me to where I am today. So, I thought I would come on here and lay it all out, because friends, it’s one heck of an adventure.

To give you a little back story, my stomach has always been ‘off’. Even as a baby, I couldn’t tolerate breastmilk, formula or even soy milk. So what did my momma give me? Goat’s milk.

My Gut Health Adventure

As a little kid, I would always complain about my stomach. With no visible symptoms and nothing to diagnose, the doctors told me to graze throughout the day. I even had doctors note for school stating I was allowed to have snacks in school, but that was really the end of treating my constant upset stomach.

By the time I was a teenager, I was pretty skinny since I didn’t really eat that much and was relatively active. Eating in the mornings other than plain white rice or cream of wheat would make me sick. As I got older, it just got to a point where I skipped breakfast all together.

My Gut Health Adventure
Me during my senior year with my first car…also known as the ‘cardboard box’. lol

This is when horrible eating habits and stress completely changed my heath and for the worse. As I grew into my 20’s my waistline grew too. I was eating anything and everything I wanted with little to no exercise. I felt sick all the time and what was worse is that I hated how I looked.

My Gut Health Adventure
There really aren’t many photos of my in my 20’s…this is one of few and that is actually full length. (oh the bad haircut experiences that decade…)

It wasn’t until I entered my 30’s that I had a serious wake up call and my already roller coaster of an adventure was about to plummet into the deepest point. After years of working my bootie off to shred the baby weight from having Nicholas, my stomach issues got worse. I would wake up every morning completely nauseated until around lunch time. I swore up and down for 3 months that I was pregnant and it was morning sickness all over again. But I wasn’t.

Finally by the 6th month (I know, I’m stubborn) I went to the doctor. Explaining to my doctor the symptoms…he kinda brushed me off and scheduled me for a stomach scoping to see first hand what was going on. I literally remember waking up from the procedure to him coming in with photos, pointing at these dark spots saying with complete shock “YOU HAVE 3 ULCERS!”

After 2 weeks of a prilosec routine and a month of an extremely bland diet, my ulcers healed and I was on my way. At that moment, I knew I had to get a handle on my gut health and this is when my beachbody adventure began.

No, I am NOT a beachbody coach.

A large part of the Beachbody community is joining a challenge group. This was one of the best things I could have done. This challenge group provided me with support, motivation and accountability, which turned my gut health around….almost all the way. I used their supplements and workout programs, but I wasn’t completely committed on the nutrition. Seeing results on what I was doing was good enough for me.

Then in 2016 I decided I need to continue taking care of myself by ‘catching up’ on an overdue dermatologist visit. Little did I know within 2 months I would have 7 spots removed, 6 being pre-cancerous and 1 on my left ankle a stage 2 melanoma. I was blessed to have it caught in time and didn’t need any major treatment. Needless to say, having 7 spots removed leaves you covered in stitches and therefore no consistent workouts were allowed. Anxious to continue working out, I started running when ever the doc would allow.

My Gut Health Adventure
When I could run after the stitches were taken out…well, one of the several sets of stitches…

Once that ordeal was all over…I decided the next step to getting heathy was to go to the dentist. I mean…it had been 17 years. Yeah. I know. Needless to say I needed a lot of work that took a total of 10 months to complete. With all this dental work came two things: eating became extremely difficult and no exercising. I wasn’t even allowed to walk quickly. I was literally drinking 2 protein shakes a day during some months to ensure I was getting enough nutrition in.

This brought me down to my absolute lowest weight as an adult. I was skiiiiiiiiinny. My friends would tell me I was too skinny but I didn’t care. I loved it. In fact, I got a little big headed about it and felt a little untouchable. I lived my life however I wanted and ate however I wanted.

My Gut Health Adventure
Me after all the dental work was done….notice I have NO bootie. 🙁

After 8 months of sorting working out on my own and not eating the best, my I gained 25 pounds. In December I started to look for another challenge group since I desperately needed the accountability. Just as soon as I find a group I want to join, I got hit with another bomb shell.

With the mindset of ‘get your body healthy’, I finally opened up to my OBGYN at my annual appointment. I told him about all the pain I was experiencing and all the emotions I was going through. Knowing my hormone levels were nearly non-existent from testing years prior, he contributed that to my emotional roller coaster and was concerned that endometriosis or polyps were causing the pain. While discussing the options for treatment on either end, a partial hysterectomy was also on the table. I was in complete shock. Hysterectomy? At 36? With wedding season around the corning? Never did I believe walking into the doctors office that day, within 2 weeks from that appointment I would be in surgery.

After healing perfectly (per my incredible doctor), he had a serious discussion about hormone replacement therapy with me. We had discussed it years prior when we discovered how low my hormone levels were, but I was too scared to try it.

This time around he explained, ‘with having the hysterectomy your levels will be even lower’. Lower I thought? Was this even possible?

Desperate to feel human and healthy again I decided to give it a try and man, I’m so mad I didn’t do this years ago. (Trust me, the price tag had A LOT to do with that decision.)

They told me I would see increased energy and I have. They said my libido would rise and boy oh boy…yes. What they didn’t tell me, was the increase in my confidence. Just as my energy and libido went through the roof, so did my confidence and THIS has changed my life.

Learning how to take care of my body has been a wild adventure these past several years. It’s still a work in progress, however my nausea has gone from a daily occurrence to almost non-existent.

Exercise and healthy eating wasn't enough.  Click here to learn what helped me.
How I feel about not being nauseated anymore 🙂
Photo Credit: BlueLane Studios

In May of 2018 I officially joined my fit fam group and with the help of their support and accountability and actually having the hormones my body so desperately needed, I am the healthiest I have ever been. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. I’m also the happiest I’ve ever been which brings me to the change you’ve seen in what I share. Feeling inspired and motivated by others is what keeps me going forward and I want you to come with me.

My Gut Health Adventure
Photo on the left was taken in January 2018 and the photo on the right was taken
February 2019.

No matter where you are in your health adventure….No matter what your body needs to become the strongest, healthiest version of you…I am here for you.

To be there through the ups and downs because friends, there is no happily ever after like all the stories say. There is no, oh I feel and look exactly how I want so I’ll just be this way for the rest of my life. You can’t stop working on you ever. Some days you’ll need a lot of work, and other days you’ll need to rest. No month or year will ever be the same. I’m living proof that you have to fight to become the person you want to be.

I know this is a super long and pretty personal post and if you’ve made it to the end…consider yourself virtually hugged by me. I hope this inspires you to start taking care of you so that you can be the best you you’ve ever been.

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  1. Mona Lee Peterson says:

    Wow! This must have taken you a bit of time to put together. Sounds about right to me. Have you gotten any comments yet????

    • Kimberly says:

      It did take time but the response has been well worth it! You’re the first to comment directly on the blog, but not the first comment on the article!

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