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Motivation Will Get You Started But….

Have you ever set a goal and feel motivated in the beginning? Just to loose all motivation half way through? Have you ever wondered why this happens?

I have a secret to share…you will never, ALWAYS be motivated. Motivation is a fantastic tool to help you create goals and work towards them. So why isn’t motivation enough?

You have to want the change you’re trying to make. Really, truly, honestly, with all your heart and soul, want to make a change.

Let me give you an example. I wanted to set a goal/make a change to stop bed-time snacking. I would feel motivated from quotes I see online and from the fitness support group I’m a part of. Watching people go through the same eating struggles and they are doing it, so can I! That’s pretty motivating right?

As incredible as all the motivation is, it wasn’t enough. Motivation would carry me through the day and I would eat good, clean, fueling foods. Then 9 pm would hit, the motivation was gone. All I wanted was a snack. And never a healthy snack. Cookies or chips were my jam. (and smores pop tarts…sorry son)

Realizing that motivation alone wasn’t going to help me put the cookies and chips down, I had to dig deep to figure out what would.

After listening to several podcasts, I realized that until I really, really, REALLY wanted to quit snacking…I wouldn’t stop. I needed to change the reason why I wanted to put the cookies down. So, I started focusing my thoughts on how eating the snack would make me feel. I knew I would feel nauseated the next day and disappointed in myself for giving in. Again.

Now when I stand in front of the pantry at 9 pm, instead of thinking “ooooo, what will it be tonight? You’ve been good all day, you can have a treat!” to “okay, is any of this stuff going to make you feel good in the morning?” Now instead of snacking 7 days a week, it’s more like 2 or 3. #graceoverperfection

You might be thinking…wait…how is that a win? Wasn’t the goal to quit snacking and not just cut back? Initially yes…that was the goal. When I tried to quit I failed miserably. The real goal is to just start. Now it’s easy to say no to the pantry at 9 pm because I really, truly don’t want the cookies or chips.

P.S. Being motivated and motivating others is an amazing tool to help you along your way. I never want to take away what motivation can do for you. It’s a tool you should carry with you to help you change your mindset about your goals.

If you could use a little motivation in your life….click here. 🙂

  1. Monie says:

    And I thought a mother was to set good examples for the daughter!!!

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