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The Free Wedding Planning Tool You Need To Know About

Yes, you read that correct. There is a FREE wedding planning tool you need to know about. No Really! Free. As in no cost to you. No hidden fees. Not convinced? I wasn’t either when I first heard about this wedding planning website so I had to investigate.

I received an email from a sweet lady named Rebecca letting me know that Borrowed & Blue wedding planning website was now Zola. She went on to tell me all the wonderful changes to the platform and how they wanted to continue a relationship with Kimberly Photography with a free listing.

Free. There’s that word again. We all know nothing is really free right? There’s always a catch…an upgrade…something. Since I previously had a ‘free’ listing on Borrowed & Blue, all of my content was moved over to Zola. Fully intrigued about what Zola was all about….AND ensuring my business was being properly represented, I clicked the link to check out my listing.

Initially I gave a sweet smile as images of older weddings popped up. It was fun to see some of my old bride tribe smiling back at me. #memorylane After I enjoyed that, I started to hunt around the site. Initially updating my information so any couples looking were served in the best way. Once updated, I was extremely happy with how my images and information were easily discoverable by any inquiring bride or groom. Yes…I’m interested in keeping this listing, I thought to myself. Okay…time to further investigate.

Upon further inquiry I learned there literally is no ‘upgrade’ option to pay for a better listing. It’s equal all the way around no matter what your marketing budget is. This platform is introducing vendors to couples in a way that truly allows the couple to find the right photographer for them. Count me in cause this is my kind of company.

Next, I pretended to be a bride-to-be and started scoping out the site. Since it’s free on the vendor side, I wanted to see what was really free on the bride and groom’s side. Below are a list of the services Zola provides to couples planning their wedding that are FREE:

Gift Registry

Planning including Guest Lists, Wedding Check Lists, Expert Advice

Personal Wedding Websites

Real Wedding Inspiration

Vendor Connections

Nice right? But wait a minute. If Zola isn’t making money off of wedding vendors…or off of couples using their tools to plan and organize their wedding, then how on earth are they in business?

They have a store. Yep…a store where couples can buy invitations or other engagement/wedding stationary. They also have “everything from blenders to travel packages and honeymoon funds”. You guys…they even have furniture and things for your fur babies. They have so many gifts…in so many price ranges…with price matching and free shipping. The options are endless. It’s genius.

But really the best part of it all is that this company has created, not just a tool, but an environment where couples can keep their wedding plans in check, keep their guests informed all with ease and style.

So, if you’re planning a wedding and you haven’t checked out Zola….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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