Don’t be afraid

What you are about to read is not exactly what I had planned for today’s post. The plan was to motivate you and tell you that “today was going to be a great day!” I knew what I would say and how I would say it. Then my plans changed and I needed to run a…somewhat unexpected errand before I could start typing up the motivation.

This unexpected errand was to a baseball training center to sign Nick up for camp over spring break. I probably could have just called. That’s the quickest way to get my questions answered and sign him up…right? Something told me to go in person. I decided to listen to my gut and made time to go.

I was warmly welcomed by Pete, the General Manager. He kindly answered all my questions about becoming a member, but something still felt off. While looking over the paperwork, Pete said to me “he’ll be excited to start I’m sure!” glancing up I said “Well, he loves hitting so he’ll be happy about that, but he’s afraid of catching. He’s simply not confident and it’s really holding him back.”

I could feel a shift in Pete’s energy. The next 30 minutes would change what I did that day. We went from talking about what packages they offer to what they can do to help Nick realize the following things: That the game is 90% mental. That if you can hit…you can play. They will show him defense will come. They will show him how to not to be afraid to be a beginner.

Don't be afraid of being a beginner

WOW. They will show him how to not to be afraid to be a beginner. That’s exactly what he needs I thought. That’s exactly what we all need isn’t it? We are the ones holding us back from what ever it is we really want to do. We are allowing the fear of starting, the fear of being a beginner hold us back from our full potential.

My initial plan was to send you a little push. A go kick butt motivational quote to get you moving…get you started. Never did I imagine that what I would share with you today would also impact my life so greatly.

To ensure I don’t get too far away from my original plan, here’s your little push.

Today I challenge you to not be afraid of being a beginner. Just start.

Nick’s first home game when he played t-ball and my FAVORITE baseball photo…

If this motivated you, would you do me a favor? Would you share this with a friend that can use a little push too?


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  1. Mona L Peterson

    March 8th, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    I love this one, along with the one of him and Cecil sitting on the dock “waiting for someone to get the boat in the water!!!

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