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Jennifer & Jordan’s Wedding

Innisbrook Resort, Palm Harbor, Florida

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It’s common to have out of town guests at weddings. It’s also common to have out of state guests at weddings. Typically though, the majority of the guests are from where ever the wedding is taking place. I’m really questioning if that’s the case for Jennifer and Jordan’s Palm Harbor, Florida wedding.

Fast forward to the end of the night, I had a lovely conversation with Jennifer’s dad. I asked him if he had a great day and he replied, “I’ve had an amazing day, but I want to ensure all the guests have had a great day too.” He went on to tell me about all the different locations the guests had traveled from and how much he appreciated every one of them attending. He practically pointed out the entire room…or so it seemed. Since so many people had invested their time and love into his family, he wanted to ensure he did the same.

The love these guests have for Jennifer and Jordan was expressed throughout the entire day. Not just with their presence, but with excitement, love and laughter. It was easy to see at any moment in time that these guests loved being there.

Even with all these exciting emotions floating around all day, non compare to the expressive love that Jennifer has for Jordan. Every time I looked at Jennifer she was glowing. She was excited to be a bride, to have her best girls by her side and to marry the man of her dreams. Jennifer and Jordan soaked in each and every moment of their wedding day with their guests.

Jennifer and Jordan,

It has been a joy to get to know you, to work with you and to capture all the love and excited that surrounded you last weekend. I pray when you look through these images, you’ll be reminded of how much love was present on your wedding day. Here’s to you and your future together as husband and wife!



Venue: Innisbrook Resort

Photographer: Kimberly Photography

Cinematography: Dream Reel Video

Event Designer: Arlene Floral & Event Design

Entertainment: Our DJ Rocks

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  1. Mona L Peterson says:

    Great pics and lovely words!!!

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you! It was a wonderful wedding and Jennifer sure knows how to rock the camera doesn’t she?

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