I'm Kimberly, your fun lovin, goal crushing, real life ginger friend.

That's right, this ginger hair is REAL! Let's get to know each other and see how well we hit it off.

Needless to say, I was crushed, frustrated and left disappointed. I couldn't do anything to change the wedding images we had but there was something I still could do about it.

That's when I decided to become a wedding photographer.  It became my passion to provide couples with the images & experience I dreamed of.

After 18 years of capturing Traditional and South Asian weddings, I've been blessed to work with incredible couples and deliver images they will treasure for a lifetime.

My wedding photographer was horrible. They didn't communicate well before the wedding, showed up late, were hard to find during the wedding day when needed, left early, delivered less than 100 images and billed additional charges after.

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a few of my favorite things

Cheering on my son at his baseball games and in life.

Bragging about my husband of nearly 19 years. (yes, we were babies)

Heading to the beach and enjoying movie night with my family.

Our rescue pup, Bogey!  He's my first dog and follows me around the house everywhere.

Oh, and chocolate chip cookies.  I can't say no to a good chocolate chip cookie.

"It is so easy to work with Kimberly - it's like working with an old friend."

From the day we met for our engagement shoot, she made us feel comfortable and relaxed, which clearly reflected in our pictures. She helped us embrace who we are in the moment, rather than try to create elaborate, staged images. She provided us with great advice along the way - not just for our photos but for all aspects of our wedding. Her experience and expertise with Indian weddings clearly showed during our wedding weekend. She knew how to perfectly capture all of the smallest details, family traditions and precious rituals. 

Our wedding weekend will forever bring us joy, and a large part of that is because of Kimberly.

Monica & Ravi

"It was really easy to work with Kimberly and felt stress free." 

"Kimberly kept us on time for everything which was great. She was with us every step of the way, and the planning meeting made me feel like I could trust her. We knew we wanted to work with someone who had experience with large south Asian weddings. Savan and I had the opportunity to get to know Kimberly at my sisters wedding the year prior to starting our planning. She was professional, timely, and incredibly considerate so it was an easy choice.  She worked seamlessly with our wedding planner and design team to ensure that we would have the wedding day and photos of our dreams.

"We could not have been happier with the result."

Priya & Savan

"Kimberly was simply amazing."

"I know how things never go right no matter how well you plan things out. Kimberly was the one thing on our wedding day which we never once had to worry about. She was always where she needed to be and took amazing pictures. It was refreshing to find someone with such passion for her profession and care for her clients. That alone was well worth it. Then we received our pictures and they are amazing."

"Kimberly far exceeded my expectations in every possible way."

Pamela & Andrew

"I have absolutely stunning, in the moment, beautiful shots of each and every aspect of my wedding."

"Not only were the pictures amazing, but it was effortless on our parts.  We didn't feel overwhelmed by pictures or removed from wedding events while taking photos.  Kimberly and her assistant made my husband & I feel extremely comfortable so that our love & excitement of the wedding was able to show through in these priceless photos.
The timing of the in the moment action shots was uncanny and caught not just with the bride & groom, but with all parties involved."

"****I honestly could go on forever***
**We love you**"

Naureen & Talha

"I truly believe she went above and beyond."

"I had, of course, seen Kimberly's work prior to hiring her for our wedding, but we were absolutely blown away with the product she delivered. We have hundreds of pictures and almost every single one is on our favorites list. On top of the high quality work that she produced, she is also an absolute joy to be around!!  My favorite part of working with Kimberly was her efforts of getting to know her clients she creates a comfort level that allows for you to be yourself in front of the camera. "

"Thank you, Kimberly for making this aspect of our wedding such a breeze!"

Tracy & David