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For over a year, Kimberly Photography has been offering Wedding Photography Guides to help you get the most out of your photography experience.  Today, I’m taking it a step further and bringing in Kristin Sillin, Community Manager of King Ranch to help you achieve your own personal style at your wedding.  With country styled weddings […]

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On Thursday, May 25th I received a text from Tracy that read, “Reading this as soon as I get home!!! Out to dinner but wanted to share!!!”.  It also included a screen shot of an email she received from Marry Me Tampa Bay.  It read: You’ve been selected! I was totally stoked to see Tracy and […]

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Jackie…I cannot thank you enough for reaching out to just one more photographer!  Hearing your story about how you already had contacted multiple photographers for your wedding, but then seeing Tracy and David’s wedding images you decided, hey, what’s one more? (insert rolling eyes from Rawie) 😉 Wedding planning can be stressful and the thought […]

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It was your typical warm, extra humid Florida evening when Jackie and Rawie met me in Ybor for their engagement session.  I had fore warned Jackie that with Ybor comes a lot of walking to get to the good spots.  Thankfully the sun was diffused from the surrounding clouds.  Little did we know that all […]

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Maternity and newborn sessions are not something that I have promoted and keep as a special service only for my brides and grooms.  Over the past several months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with many of my couples as their families have started or grown.  Skimming though all the images, I’m thinking to […]

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Last year I had the privilege of receiving a hard hat tour of the new Wyndham Grand on one of the Top 10 Beaches, Clearwater Beach, Florida.  As I walked around the venue, I constantly found myself getting excited about all the ceremony and reception options. It was very clear that the Wyndham could make a brides dream beach […]

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