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Planning your wedding photography can be over whelming and finding a sea of photographers that all look a like can be intimidating.  What makes each of these photographers different, if their images and even branding all are similar?  This answer is much easier than you may think.  Experience.  There’s so much more to being a […]

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Jamie – Class of 2018 Over the past 2 years, Downtown St Petersburg has colored the city with bright, fun, abstract art murals. It’s called the Shine St Pete Mural Festival and it’s taking the city by storm. When my oldest niece Jamie requested a flight from Ohio to Florida for her senior session but […]

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There is no doubt that helping couples get the most out of their wedding photography is what I’m meant to do.  I had such a horrible experience with my wedding photographer, I knew it didn’t have to be that way.  Working with amazing couples for killer weddings over the past 15 years has truly been […]

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There are many ways that a photographer can prepare for your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly and no details are missed.  Did you know there are ways you can prepare for your wedding photographer too?  Today I’m going to give you 7 free tips on what you can do to prepare for your […]

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Did you know that you can benefit from hiring wedding vendors that work together as a team? Yes!  Did you know that hiring vendors that aren’t team players can compromise your photography and/or cinematography’s final product?  Booooo! Most couples are surprised to learn how much time they spend with the photographer on their wedding day. […]

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Kindergarten 2016-2017 It’s hard to believe that today is the first day of 1st grade.  My emotions about the whole subject are completely torn.  I’m much more excited for Nick to return to school, mainly because he’s so excited to go.  He loves learning and making new friends which makes me a proud mama.  I’m […]

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