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The first time we meet, Tracy was eager to share all of the details for her outdoor wedding.  Her energy painted a clear picture that not only was she excited for her wedding day, but that she was also madly in love.  This same energy was just as explosive when we planned their engagement session for the Botanical Gardens in Largo. […]

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It was a sunny day, mid 70’s for a high, low humidity…perfect weather for a Florida engagement session or just to be out enjoying the day.  As I pull into Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, Florida, I quickly realize that literally EVERYONE is out and enjoying the day.  This should be interesting I thought…time to […]

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It was a perfect Florida day and everybody was out enjoying it.  Especially at Philippe Park where I was to meet up with Dianne and Will this past weekend for their engagement session.  With the park filled with families, adventures, boaters, dog walkers, runners and bikers….and well really I could go on and on.  What’s […]

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Larah & Finney Larah and Finney’s moment to express their love for one another and begin their lives as husband and wife has finally arrived.  The planning is complete, the alter is graced with beautiful florals.  The food is being prepared and the tables set.  It’s officially wedding day and like most, emotions are in […]

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In their own spaces, Larah and Finney spent the cool, early morning getting ready for their wedding day. Their closest family and friends started to gather to pray over each of them before they would be joined as one.  Faith and family are of upmost importance to Larah and Finney and took them from a […]

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One of the biggest decisions I see my couples struggle with is whether they should purchase a wedding album or not.  With so many wedding photographers on the market, you’ll quickly discover the wide range of options and styles.  Some photographers are simply ‘Shoot and Burn’ photographers (which don’t offer albums at all), and others […]

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