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Bhavarth aborted his plan to propose to Ami at the top of Maui’s Haleakala volcano due to a less than desirable sunrise…full of fog.  Avoiding messages from family and friends asking about the proposal, Bhavarth searches for a plan b.  Later that October day, Bhavarth explains the story to Ami and proposes as the sun sets on the beach.  Even though Bhavarth’s plan didn’t go as desired, at the end of the day everything was perfect.  Now it was time to share their big news, begin the celebrations….and the planning.

Between meeting at a wedding and attending many during their engagement, Bhavarth and Ami knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding.  During their engagement session I asked them how their planning was coming along.  Their response surprised me as they said it was great!  They were nearly finished and were excited for how well everything was coming together.  Blown away, I knew their had to be more to it than just knowing what you want to achieve such smooth wedding planning.

On Thursday, August 11, 2016 the wedding festivities and traditions officially begin with mehndi night.  I’ve said it many times before, but I really do love the pre-events of Indian weddings.  These are typically held at the family home and with just the closest members in attendance.  Sisters, cousins and Aunties answered each call for help all throughout the night no matter who asked.  Is this normal?  Yes, I’ve seen it at nearly every wedding I’ve captured.  But something was different here…I couldn’t put my finger on it that night and was anxious to discover what I was missing.

Friday morning I arrive at the Panara home and see more love, joy and grace in the family as they worked effortlessly together to ensure everything ran smoothly.  With guests pouring in for morning prayers and pithi, the positive energy rose like the high tide.  Laughter was every where and it was hard not to join in.  Ami & Bhavarth’s celebration continued into Garba held at the Indian Cultural Center later that evening.  With the ballroom filled with traditional decor done in a sophisticated way by Suhaag Garden, the candles are lite and the dancing begins.  Live music filled the room as everyone spun around the dance floor into the night.

Now the day has come.  It’s Saturday, August 13, 2016…Ami & Bhavarth’s wedding day.  From getting ready, to their First Look…to baraat and their ceremony, it was a big day with a ton of details to come together.  Without dismay, the families worked effortlessly together alongside Tracie Domino Events and the creative team to truly create a magical wedding for Ami & Bhavarth.  What impressed me the most was Bhavarth’s brothers speech before dinner.  As he stood on the dance floor and faced the stage that held the Bride and Groom, he spoke from his heart about the love that Bhavarth had given to him growing up.  About how great of a man he could be by following Bhavarth’s footsteps.  That he is forever grateful for everything Bhavarth has shown him, given him and taught him.  It speaks volumes when a man pauses his own steps to show how far he has grown because of another.  Vimarth, you had me in tears behind my lens.  Your words were powerful and your actions throughout the day proved your words to be honest.  The world needs more people like you.  This speaks true about every member in attendance.  The positive energy was captivating and motivating which created a perfect formula for such a successful wedding.

To Ami and Bhavarth,

There are no words for the gratitude I have for you and your families.  The bond you have is powerful and such an incredible foundation for your marriage.  I wish you both many adventures together, including marking off all the spots on your map.



Shout out to one incredible creative team that helped this dream wedding come to life!

Venue: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
Wedding Planner: Tracie Domino Events
Event Designer: Suhaag Garden
Photography: Kimberly Photography
Cinematography: Ortiz Films
Hair and Make Up: Michele Renee the Studio
DJ and Dholi Player: Dudha Productions
Wedding Cake: Publix
Grooms Cake: Peninsula Grill – Charleston, SC
Dress Designer: Dulhanj Atirma – Iselin, NJ
Garba Venue: Indian Cultural Center
Garba Entertainment: Kotyark Entertainment
Garba Catering: Khasiyat Orlando
Reception Catering: Aashirwad Indian Restaurant
Henna Artist: Alpa Mandilia









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‘Hide the Bride, the Groom is entering the building!!!’  This was a common theme when I first started shooting weddings back in 2002.  The idea of the Bride seeing the Groom before the ceremony was nearly unheard of, some even may have called it taboo!  This day in age though it’s more common to see each other before the ceremony, rather than waiting to walk down the aisle.  While participating in a First Look can present multiple opportunities, is it really right for you?  Today I want to share with you some of my experiences with First Looks and how you can use them to your wedding day agenda advantage.

Intimate Moments

No two weddings are the same, but there is one common factor to all weddings.  The Bride and Groom do not have many moments together alone.  There is so much hustle and bustle during the day to get ready, start on time, and for everything to run smoothly there really is no time for the Bride and Groom to chill out together once it all begins.  A First Look however, can provide that moment…even if it is for only 10 minutes.  Other than your paparazzi, there isn’t any one else there.  This is a moment that the Groom sees his Bride, not only for the first time…but also before all the guests do.



More Images

This one is pretty simple.  You’ll get more images because you can double (or more) your Bride and Groom portrait time.  When you leave the only Bride and Groom portrait session time frame for during the cocktail hour…that’s all the time you have.  During this time, you also have to get combined family and wedding party portraits too.  This can leave as little as 10 minutes for Bride and Groom photos.  If you have an experienced professional photographer, even in just 10 minutes they should be able to provide you with a selection of amazing images.  However, if you did a quick First Look, even if for just 10 minutes then now you would have had 20 minutes to capture all of your love and emotion on your wedding day.  More time = more images.


Join Your Cocktail Hour

I’m not saying that joining your cocktail hour is for everyone…however…I have yet to meet a Bride and Groom that I mention this too and they respond with….Nah, that doesn’t sound good to us.  All of your guests have been waiting…literally all day to say hello to you.  Most guests don’t have the opportunity to do so until the reception has started and everyone is sitting down to eat.  That’s when I see guests bee line to the head table to get a quick hug and a selfie.  Usually when this happens, the result is that the Bride and Groom either eat a cold dinner…or don’t eat at all.  If you’re able to join the cocktail hour, then here is where your guests can hug you, say congratulations, tell you how amazing the ceremony was and how much they are looking forward to celebrating with you on the dance floor.  Oh and grab that selfie too.  So, how can you make this happen?  The more you do before the ceremony, the less you have to do after.  I’ve had some couples go as far as doing all the portraits (including the First Look, immediate family and wedding party) all before the ceremony begins.  Then after the ceremony, we take a few more of just the Bride and Groom to capture the essence of their first moments as husband and wife then send them off to mingle with family and friends.  Believe me when I say there are endless possibilities and combinations that you can create to give you a little or a lot of time at your cocktail hour.


So, what does this all mean?  How can this information help you determine if a First Look is right for you?  First, talk with your fiance.  How do they feel about it?  Two, ensure you know all of your options and think about it.  This is your wedding and no decision should be made without full consideration.  Three, talk to the professionals you’ve hired and trust to keep your best interest at heart.  If you haven’t hired your photographer I encourage you to check out our very first Guide: How To Hire A Wedding Photographer!

If you want to learn even more about how we conduct First Looks and the best way to get all the important photos you need, contact me as I’m always here to help you along the way!

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This past weekends wedding has me speechless. The love, kindness, generosity, beauty, hospitality and friendship carried no boundaries. As I’m culling through all the events and emotions of Ami & Bhavarth’s wedding weekend I feel it is simply reflected in the beauty of this image. Thank you Ami & Bhavarth…and all of your closest family and friends, for they truly made me feel welcomed and trusted. I’ll share more soon, but couldn’t hold this one back.

Also thank you to an incredible creative team who helped this event flow so smoothly!!!  You guys rocked it!


Creative Team:

Venue: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
Wedding Planner: Tracie Domino Events
Hair and Make Up: Michele Renee the Studio
Design and Decor: Suhaag Garden
Cinematography: Ortiz Films
DJ: Dudha Productions

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