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It was 5 weeks after I gave birth to my one and only and for as much as I missed him for those 2 days…this couple and this view made it worth it and one of my all time favorite weddings.  Lauren and Peter… Hawks Cay Resort…you guys know how to host a gorgeous, destination […]

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A Salute…..by definition it means: “a gesture of respect, homage, or polite recognition or acknowledgment, especially one made to or by a person when arriving or departing.”  Today American’s are saluting our veteran’s in honor of veteran’s day.  It’s so easy to be grateful during a holiday, and not as easy in our day to […]

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One of my favorite things about shooting weddings are all the pretty little details.  From jewelry, shoes, hair pieces, flowers, hand bags and special dress details, they all have a purpose for being present on a wedding day.  Whether it’s a family heirloom or just something unique to the Bride and Groom, you can’t capture […]

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He asked and you said yes, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here.  It’s time to plan your wedding and look at you, you’ve got this!  You’ve rocked out party after party for family and friends and been to countless weddings.  You know exactly what you want and which vendors you want to […]

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Earlier this week I shared with you what has quickly become one of my favorite engagement session images.  The lighting, the emotion, the blanket…Ahhh, I had this vision in my head days before the session and and it was a joy to bring it to life. The blanket wasn’t the only fun prop on Desiree […]

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Every time I look at this image I fall in love with it all over again.  Not just because it’s the perfect dress, perfect lighting, perfect linens, perfect hair but because of this gorgeous bride, Blush.  While getting ready the morning of her big day, surrounded by her closest girls, laughter was every where.  Blush’s […]

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