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‘Hide the Bride, the Groom is entering the building!!!’  This was a common theme when I first started shooting weddings back in 2002.  The idea of the Bride seeing the Groom before the ceremony was nearly unheard of, some even may have called it taboo!  This day in age though it’s more common to see […]

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This past weekends wedding has me speechless. The love, kindness, generosity, beauty, hospitality and friendship carried no boundaries. As I’m culling through all the events and emotions of Ami & Bhavarth’s wedding weekend I feel it is simply reflected in the beauty of this image. Thank you Ami & Bhavarth…and all of your closest family […]

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I have been looking forward to this wedding since I first met Ami & Bhavarth and it’s finally their wedding week!!!  I will be posting sneak peeks so stay tuned to check out what is going to be one fun wedding! Click here to check out more from Ami & Bhavarth’s downtown St Pete engagement […]

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I had so many people ask me if I was going to cry when Nick started kindergarten.  “No Way!” I would respond.  He’s so excited and I was so excited for him.  New adventures, new friends, new experiences…what’s not to be excited about?  I mean, it is kindergarten after all. After a good nights sleep, […]

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As we walk from the parking lot on a warm Spring night, you can hear waves crashing up on the shore.  We are at one of my all time favorite shooting venues, Ft DeSoto Beach and Park.  This treasure of a park has so much to offer and no session is the same.  I was […]

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Hustling around my in-law’s home, I’m getting ready to attend a wedding as a guest.  I had also been requested by the Bride and Groom to bring my camera and with permission from the official photographer, I anxiously grab my gear and head out to the Bride’s home.  As I travel the winding roads, I […]

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