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Hyatt Clearwater Beach Wedding Remember Jacqueline and Patrick’s engagement feature from just a few weeks back? Remember how Jacqueline wanted the setting to represent Patrick personality since the wedding was all hers?  Well my friends, it is time for this princess to shine! It all started on a beautiful Florida February day.  And by beautiful, I […]

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I just can’t get over all the love that surrounds Jackie and Rawie!  Here’s a little something extra special for them and you! Happy Valentines Day! Are you planning a wedding or helping someone with the task?  If you loved how Jackie and Rawie’s wedding pulled together, I highly suggest reading up on the following […]

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The Barn at Cresent Lake Jackie wasn’t so sure that love was in the cards for her.  Focusing on living life to it’s fullest, she headed out with some friends for a night of fun meeting new people.  Little did she know that after meeting Rawie that night, this fateful day of saying I do was […]


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Hello my friends!  This year is quickly shaping up to be a fabulous year thanks to YOU!  Everyday I see you liking, loving, commenting and sharing the experience that Kimberly Photography has to offer engaged couples, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  These small acts show me that you’re excited about what I do, which […]

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Happy New Year!  I’m beyond excited for 2018, a fresh start with new adventures on the horizon.  Today is exciting with 2018’s very first post, featuring Dianne and Will’s Real Wedding Experience! After every wedding, I love asking KP Brides and Groom’s if they could share anything about wedding planning, what would it be!  Knowledge […]

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  At the end of each year, I enjoy curating a collection of engagement and wedding images of some of my favorite moments and details. As you can imagine, it takes quite a bit of time to go through each event and worth every minute to see where this year has brought me.  Each moment […]

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