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On Thursday, May 25th I received a text from Tracy that read, “Reading this as soon as I get home!!! Out to dinner but wanted to share!!!”.  It also included a screen shot of an email she received from Marry Me Tampa Bay.  It read: You’ve been selected! I was totally stoked to see Tracy and […]

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Lakshmi, mother of the bride, quickly introduced herself to me the morning of Nithya and Ryan’s puja.  She grabbed my hand and lead me around the room, introducing me to the closest family members.  I loved how she would introduce me…”This is so-and-so…they are related this way and very, very high on the priority list and should […]

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“Fiercely loyal; very, very big brain; unconditionally loving”. “Most caring/loving person I have ever met”. These are the words used by Nithya and Ryan to describe one another.  Their wedding weekend extravaganza in Bonita Springs proved they were true through every emotional, sacred moment. What surprised me…but really didn’t, was how much Nithya and Ryan’s souls […]

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Tracy & David “I had started to warm up to the idea of a First Look, but after witnessing that!  Wow!  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this!” my said mom right after Tracy and David’s first look on a blue sky afternoon.  Yep, my mama.  She was in town the weekend Tracy would […]

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The first time we meet, Tracy was eager to share all of the details for her outdoor wedding.  Her energy painted a clear picture that not only was she excited for her wedding day, but that she was also madly in love.  This same energy was just as explosive when we planned their engagement session for the Botanical Gardens in Largo. […]

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Larah & Finney Larah and Finney’s moment to express their love for one another and begin their lives as husband and wife has finally arrived.  The planning is complete, the alter is graced with beautiful florals.  The food is being prepared and the tables set.  It’s officially wedding day and like most, emotions are in […]

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