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I’m jumping out of my seat excited to see Nicole and Deven’s luxury fusion wedding featured on South Asian Bride Magazine! This couple and their families were a joy to be with as two cultures came together in beautiful harmony.  It’s always an honor to have our couples weddings featured as inspiration for others planning […]

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Thunderclouds begin to roll in.  It doesn’t matter that it’s Megha & Josef’s wedding day, mother nature was bound and determined to wet the soil, create puddles and threaten all of our outdoor shooting plans.  Leading up to this day, the meteorologists warned us how bad it could become.  I prayed and prayed and prayed […]

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As a young girl, Sumera’s parents made a life changing decision to move here to the States.  They were determined to give their children the best opportunity they could provide.  Watching her parents bravery and determination, Sumera applied the same work ethic to her life decisions.  Adapting to her new environment, Sumera flourished into a […]

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The lights were hung, tables were set and children were running around as children should. Guests entering one by one pass Sumera as she sits at the dining table to greet them with side hugs and kisses as two artists are creating her bridal henna.  Tonight is the beginning of a new chapter in life […]

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Being a family means you are part of something wonderful.  It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your days.  Fusion weddings are happening more and more and they have quickly become one of my favorite events to capture.  Watching two cultures come together with such respect is proof that true […]

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50% chance of rain was the prediction for last weekends wedding.  Again?  Really?  Yes…this is Florida in the Spring.  You know what though???  It didn’t rain ALL DAY.  The day was warm with a strong breeze which gave life to Amy’s red locks that sparkled of gold highlights in the bright sun.  Dressed in her […]

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