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This wedding was just this past November, so while it’s a newly favorite image…it will surely be a favorite for years to come.  I live for the moments in life that make you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt.  For those moments that make you look back and say, ‘That was amazing!’.  And when that […]

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I walked into my office this morning, stretching and yawning as I turn on the computer and start to open up the blinds.  I left my office to finish getting ready for the day and finish my motherly duties.  There’s a lot to do today and with Nick on spring break this week…it’s hard to […]

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While uploading Sumera and Husnain’s images from their Vinoy Renaissance wedding weekend, I’m falling head over heels for many of their images.  This one however, stopped me in my tracks.  I’m a sucker for the moment right before the kiss.  This, my friends, is what love looks like in a single moment.

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These past two weekends have held incredible events for me to capture truly portrays a living dream as a photographer.  The way Trush always got the best smile out of Nithya.  The way Nicole was overwhelmed with love each time she saw Deven for each First Look.  The family members and friends who were there […]

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On May 11, 2015 I met with Nicole and her dear, sweet friend Jennyffer at one of my favorite meeting spots, Oxford Exchange.  Being that Nicole is a fashion designer and works with models on a daily basis…she knew exactly the kind of look she wanted.  ‘I want my wedding images to look like they […]

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One of my favorite aspects about Indian weddings are the bright and bold colors. The combination of purple, deep pink and orange colored petals with crystal and gold hardware create a one of kind reception stage arrangement that is simply stunning. Check out the rest of Anjali & Abhay’s wedding decor HERE created by the […]

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(You can't see this canvas live)

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