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On May 11, 2015 I met with Nicole and her dear, sweet friend Jennyffer at one of my favorite meeting spots, Oxford Exchange.  Being that Nicole is a fashion designer and works with models on a daily basis…she knew exactly the kind of look she wanted.  ‘I want my wedding images to look like they […]

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One of my favorite aspects about Indian weddings are the bright and bold colors. The combination of purple, deep pink and orange colored petals with crystal and gold hardware create a one of kind reception stage arrangement that is simply stunning. Check out the rest of Anjali & Abhay’s wedding decor HERE created by the […]

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Passion is a word that can often be tossed around to easily.  One thing I’ve learned from becoming a photographer is that anyone can talk about passion for what they do.  In reality, passion isn’t something you can express through words…it’s something you have to see and feel. Recently we’ve worked more and more with […]

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I was sitting down next to the cinematographers as we waited for the guests to arrive. “Do you know what’s happening during this ceremony?” I was asked.  I explained I knew there were rice, games and blessings involved, but to give a play-by-play…well, this was my first rice ceremony so I wasn’t able to get […]

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AHHHH!!! I cannot get enough of this wedding…this couple…these images!  Today you can relive this incredibly gorgeous fusion wedding through Maharani Weddings!!!  I’m so excited Lauren and Shami are the featured wedding inspiration!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the one incredible creative team that took Lauren and Shami’s wedding to the next level.  […]

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April 4, 2014…has it really been almost 2 years? I remember like it was yesterday.  I remember getting up early in the morning and mentally preparing myself for what was going to be a very long and busy day.  It was Sneha and Duncan’s wedding day and we had a baraat plus not one, but […]

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