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4 Reasons Why You Should Have An Engagement Session

engagement session

Selecting your dream wedding photographer is among one of the top 5 vendors most brides look to hire.  Once you’ve narrowed down the professionals that have sparked a fire in you, it’s time to think about what you want in your photography package.  With so many things to consider like, how much coverage you need, 1 photographer or 2, engagement session, album….the list can go on.

It’s good to have an idea of what you want, and it’s even a better idea to be open to the photographers advise.  When speaking with a newly engaged bride and groom, I love discussing their wedding vision and what we can do to capture it.  On top of discussing wedding day details, I advise every couple the benefits of having an engagement session.  Today I’m excited to share 4 reasons why you should have an engagement session!

#1. Get One-on-One Time With Your Photographer

You hear me talking about this all the time.  There is so much more to being a wedding photographer than taking pretty pictures.  Seeing this is one of *the* most important days of your life, you want to ensure you like your photographers personality too!

Having an engagement session is the perfect opportunity to work with your photographer with no distractions.  Get to know them and tell them more about you too!

engagement session

#2. Help Your Wedding Portraits Run Smoothly

Your engagement session is literally like a dress rehearsal for your wedding day portraits. By allowing your photographer to work with you, they learn how to communicate with you to help you look your best.  Imagine showing up on your wedding day, without having the rehearsal the night before.  That might be kinda stressful eh? In the end, your day is about you joining as husband and wife and then celebrating with your closest family and friends.  It’s NOT about standing around taking photos all day long.  Having an engagement session prepares you for what to expect when it comes time for your bridal portraits on your wedding day.

engagement session

#3. Boost Your Confidence and Calm Nerves

Let’s face it, most grooms I’ve encountered are not fans of photoshoots.  I’d be willing to bet that more than half of my grooms were not excited (but rather annoyed) at the idea of having an engagement session.  Even in these situations, by the end of the session they were not only glad they did it, but actually had fun and feel more confident about having their photo taken on their wedding day!  How does this happen?  After the engagement session, they know me better, understand how I work and know what to expect.  This is huge!  When your groom knows what to expect and learns how fast we can work with incredible results, it can reduce anxiety and boost their confidence that they will love their images and the experience!

engagement session

#4. Make It A Date Night After!

After 17 years of marriage, one thing I can share is that dressing up and going out doesn’t happen as often as you may like.  Between family, careers, friends, school, purchasing your first home together, the days, months and years go by fast.  There is a small window in your relationship that you are each other’s fiance’ and I encourage you…no challenge you, to really enjoy this time together.  Treasure this feeling of bliss in knowing you’ve found your life partner.  Make more memories of celebrating this time and less about the stress of wedding planning.  Your engagement session is a time to celebrate you and your love for one another.  You’re already dressed up and chances are you’ll work up an appetite during your session.  Take advantage of the opportunity to go out, enjoy your favorite restaurant and NO WEDDING PLANNING TALK!  Instead, maybe nuzzle up a little more with each other!

Let’s be real…

Engagement sessions can be awkward.  It’s not every day you get dressed up and stand in front of someones camera nuzzling together.  It’s also not every day that you’ve found the love of your life.  Embrace this short lived time of being each other’s fiance’ and remember what this time is all about.  Planning your entire future together…not just the wedding day!

Now that you’re excited about the benefits of scheduling your engagement session, let me help you prepare!  Click HERE for 5 easy steps to being your best for your engagement session!


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