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How To Have Fun As A Wedding Guest

Wedding Guest
It’s time to take being a wedding guest by the reigns!  This is such an exciting time in a couples life and they’ve invited YOU to celebrate and be in the moment with them.  Do you know what this means?  It means you are among the most important people to the couple.  They want to spend time with you celebrating, so let’s prepare for the best celebration yet, shall we?
With just a little planning and knowing what to expect, you can turn the experience into something you can look forward to. Today I’m sharing with you 5 ways to have fun as a wedding guest..

1. Treat it as a date night!

Let’s make a mind-shift on how we view attending a wedding as a guest.  How often do you have the opportunity to get dressed up, eat and drink really well (for free) and party into the night with your closest family and friends to the beat of a house party dj?  For most, it’s not often…and if you have kids, the chances are probably even less.  Here is your opportunity to make the most of an evening with your significant other, so let’s take advantage! Here are some fun ways to take this ‘wedding date night’ to the next level:

GET DRESSED UP!  If you don’t have something in your closet, or don’t want to invest in a new piece that you will most likely only wear to this event, check out Rent The Runway!

PAMPER YOURSELF!  Have you thought about getting your hair and make up done?  It doesn’t have to be fancy!  Hitting up MAC or Ulta for make up is typically inexpensive and easy to make appointments with.  For hair, going to a blow dry bar can really enhance the experience! Don’t forget your nails and toes too to complete your look!

Wedding Guest

2. (This is more like 1.b) Get a sitter!

I mean…you wouldn’t take your kid(s) on a date night would you?  I’ve lost count on the amount of brides and grooms that have made requests for no kids, and guest still bring them anyway.  As much as I hate to say it, if you can’t find a sitter then don’t go!  I know, I know…but let’s soak this in for a second and think about the bride and groom, considering it’s THIER day.

If you’re not sure if kids are welcome, be sure to ask.  You never know, they may have kid activities and a special table for them all to sit together. I’ve even seen couples hire babysitting services so you can enjoy the evening kid free without worry.  If it’s a no kid wedding and you can’t find a sitter, kindly decline attending and make plans with the couple (after the honeymoon!) to get together and celebrate.

Check out what Jackie M. has to say about their ‘adult only’ wedding:

“As a bride it was very important to us to make our wedding adult only. Our top priority was to spend quality time with friends and family. We want everyone to kick back, relax, eat and drink on us and have their undivided attention all night without distractions. Our friends/family know how much we love their kids, but asking for a night alone with them to spend quality time didn’t seem like too much to ask. Plus, a forced date night is never a bad thing in our opinion!! :)”

Turns out that all of Jackie’s guests we’re appreciative of not only a date night but of how kindly it was worded on the invitation and wedding website!  Kind words go a long way my friends…

3. Show up on time!

Really though!  Nearly every wedding I’ve captured over the past 15 years, I’ve seen guests walk in as the music starts for the wedding party to enter.  The look of sheer embarrassment is all over their face as every one turns around thinking the wedding is starting only to see a couple run in and grab a seat in the back.  Showing up late to anything can bring on stress and this is no way to start an evening out!  Plan out your day to ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes BEFORE the ceremony begins.

Wedding Guest

4. Trust the couple – they hired professionals

Couples spend a lot of money and hours planning their wedding day with professionals they love and trust, to ensure the day runs smoothly.  They’ve researched multiple planners, photographers, videographers, venues, florists, hair and make up artists, caterers, djs…(the list can go on and on) and hired the best fit for them.

Their vendor team is working hard to ensure that the Bride and Groom have the wedding of their dreams.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen many guests try to step in and do the same jobs as the hired professionals.  Especially photography.  Sitting back, putting the devices away and allowing the vendors to do their jobs opens up the opportunity for you to really be present. You’ve been invited by the Bride and Groom to be a guest, to be present and celebrate with them.  If they need your assistance with any wedding creative team job, they will ask well before the wedding, I promise!

Wedding Guest

5. Ask for a photo from the professional photographer

Do Not…I repeat…Do Not hesitate to ask the photographer for a photograph!  Now that that’s been said, let’s chat about when it’s NOT appropriate to ask the photographer for a photo.
Right before/During/Immediately after the ceremony
During Family Formals
During Reception events – intros, first dance, parent dances, toasts and cake cutting.
When is it appropriate?  The BEST two times during the wedding day is at cocktail hour or once the dance floor is open at the reception.

bonus tip

Let’s be real for a quick moment.  There will be times during the day where you won’t see the Bride and Groom, or won’t be able to run up and say hello with the biggest hug possible.  With weddings come formalities such as getting ready, bridal portraits and so on.  My advise?  Go in expecting this and really enjoy who you’re attending!  Once the formalities are done, they are ALL YOURS and this is where the real celebrating comes in!

Did you benefit from these 5 steps to having fun at a wedding?  Spread the love and share with someone who attends wedding that can benefit too!

One last thing before you move on with your day…I’d love for you to get in on simple steps to making life’s decisions easier!  To join my tribe CLICK HERE!


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