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5 Ways to De-Stress Wedding Planning

5 Ways to De-Stress Wedding Planning by Kimberly PhotographyPlanning a wedding is exciting, overwhelming and stressful (along with all the other feels) wrapped up together.  Today I’m here to help take away some of that stress (and other not-so-good feelings) by giving you 5 ways to de-stress your wedding planning.

1. Hire A Wedding Planner

I know, I know…but hear me out.  There are so many aspects when it comes to planning a wedding it could make your head explode.  When you hire a wedding planner right off the bat, you officially have someone to ‘have and hold’ your hand through the entire process.  You’ll be grateful for their insight and stories of things you could never imagine happening during the planning process.  What you may not realize until your neck deep in planning are all the little details that need to come together.

For example, at an Indian wedding you can easily have a dozen women need hair and make up services.  Can you imagine trying to coordinate hair and make up times for a dozen women on an extremely tight timeline?Brittany from Eventrics Weddings has this to say about a similar situation from a recent wedding:

“We had over 25 services and they all had to be done by 8 am. As you can image we were trying to not start at 1 am! There was a lot of back and forth and communication that took place here to be successful.”

Can you imagine accomplishing this one task on top of living life and the rest of your wedding planning?  This is just one small aspect of your day, I sure can’t imagine coordinating this!  Instead, imagine providing your planner a list of names that need services and that’s all you need to do.  Sign me up.

Tampa Indian Wedding Photography by Kimberly Photography. Click here to read more about de-stressing your wedding planning!2. Talk To Other Brides & Grooms

Recently married couples are the perfect people to ask about their experiences with wedding vendors.  They can tell you what they loved and didn’t love when working with their creative team.  Here is where you get to sit back and hear all of the wonderful, crazy, out of this world stories!

The other fantastic question to ask your friends, family, co-worker, other wedding vendors…(you get the idea) is what would they do different? Let their life lesson help guide you on what’s best for you.  Take the highly recommended vendors from your loved ones and create a list of names, websites and phone numbers. Do you know who can also provide you with this information?  A wedding planner! (wink, wink)

Tampa Indian Wedding Photography by Kimberly Photography. Click here to read more about de-stressing your wedding planning!

3. Be Realistic

Wedding planning has come a long way since I planned my wedding 18 years ago.  You can find inspiration nearly everywhere instead of relying on what ever bridal magazine is on the shelf.  Suddenly, you feel like the possibilities are endless for design until you realize how much it all costs. (and all the hard work it takes to pull it all together!)

Talking about money is stressful no matter what you’re looking to spend it on.  Before getting too involved in setting your budget, do some research to see what things like photography, catering and flowers cost.  This is vital information when determining what percentage of your budget gets allocated to each vendor.  You know who can help you with this?  A wedding planner. (do you see a pattern here?)

4. Take Your Time

I’m going to dive into one of the most uncomfortable conversations of wedding planning.  Your budget.  Let’s face it, weddings big or small are expensive. No decision should be made lightly or quickly.  Planning a wedding is a big deal and deserves your most educated, thought out, discussed decision.  Plus doing this gives you time to really listen to your gut.

Tampa Indian Wedding Photography by Kimberly Photography. Click here to read more about de-stressing your wedding planning!

5. Take A Break From Planning

I really can’t stress this enough.  I’m going to keep this one really simple.

The life of your marriage is more important than any one day.

This is not to say that wedding days are not important because they most certainly are! Your life together will be filled with milestones and your wedding day is a major one! What I don’t want is for you to loose sight of what you’re really planning for.

I hope these 5 ways will help you de-stress your wedding planning so that you can focus on what is most important.  That’s you and the love of your life!

If you found these tips helpful, hooray!  Let us know how they helped you by leaving a comment below so others can benefit too!  Have a suggestion to add to this topic?  I’d love to hear that too!

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