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Priya & Suraj’s Engagement Session

St Petersburg, Florida

Click here to view this St Pete sunrise engagement session at the beach, palm garden and downtown captured by Kimberly Photography!

Making a final decision on who you want to hire to photograph your wedding can be stressful. Especially if your heart desires something that seems out of reach. Sometimes you’re willing to do anything to make it happen.

This is exactly how Priya and Suraj made me feel when they said yes to bringing me on as their photographer. After my first chat with Suraj, I knew that we would make a great team together. It wasn’t until I spoke with Priya that I knew we were meant to work together. We had a great connection, which leads to emotionally real imagery.

Even with a great connection, Priya and Suraj didn’t say yes right away. There was a lot of work to do on their end to ensure they were making the best decision for them. After 2 months, they said yes and we quickly started planning their engagement session.

Priya and Suraj traveled in to enjoy tastings, spending time with family and taking advantage of working with me before the wedding. They full warned me that they were goofy, a little camera shy and didn’t do the romantic poses well. Priya and Suraj were certainly goofy. I never noticed any kind of camera shy and they were full of it when it came to the romantic poses! They rocked this incredible location in St Pete that is seriously my new favorite place to shoot.

Priya and Suraj,

Thank you for everything you did to say yes to stepping in front of my camera. Working with you this past Sunday morning exceeded all my expectations on how fun you guys would be. Thank you for waking up early to catch the sun rise and for every laugh, spin and GQ pose. You’re wedding is going to be incredible and I’m grateful to be a part of it!




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