7 Best Underwater Fishing Camera

Underwater cameras have transformed the world of fishing by granting anglers an unprecedented view of the waters they ply.

No longer limited to surface observations and measurements of their catches, fishermen equipped with the best underwater fishing cameras can now witness the intricate behaviors, movements, and interactions of the fish they seek to catch.

These insights grant critical knowledge that can vastly improve anglers’ techniques while also providing entertainment through captivating footage of underwater ecosystems.

best underwater fishing camera
best underwater fishing camera

After extensive research, we’ve identified 7 of the top underwater fishing cameras on the market this year. These cameras provide clear, vibrant videos and images of what’s happening below the surface to help deepen your knowledge of your fishing spots and improve your catch results.

The underwater fishing cameras on our list cover a range of price points and feature sets, so whether you’re looking for an affordable basic camera or a high-end model with all the bells and whistles, there’s an option for you.

1. Best Overall
Aqua-Vu HD7i-125
Vexilar FS800IR Fish Scout
Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera
4. Best Portable
GoFish Cam
5. Top Pick: Amazon’s Choice
Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera
6. Long Battery Life
Aqua-Vu Underwater Fishing Camera
7. Value for Money
Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera

Best Underwater Fishing Camera (Top 7 Picks)

The underwater fishing cameras on our list cover a range of price points and feature sets, so whether you’re looking for an affordable basic camera or a high-end model with all the bells and whistles, there’s an option for you.

Any of these options will provide unparalleled visibility into what’s happening beneath the surface and improve your time on the water.

1. Aqua-Vu HD7i-125 – Best Overall

aqua vu hd7i 125 gen2 pro
Aqua-Vu HD7i-125

More Full Spesification

Connectivity TechnologyInfrared
Flash Memory TypeMicro SD
Special FeatureAdjustable
Screen Size7 Inches
Video Capture Resolution1080p
Lens TypeZoom

The Aqua-Vu HD7i-125 is an outstanding 1080p high definition underwater viewing system for fishing, diving, and other aquatic activities.

This underwater camera features a modular design with a quick attachment system for accessories, allowing you to customize it for different uses. The XD camera housing provides full compatibility with all Aqua-Vu XD series accessories.

The 7-inch daylight viewable LCD screen provides a spacious and crisp view of what lies beneath the surface of the water. The full HD camera captures stunning 1080p video resolution with true-color technology for accurate and life-like color reproduction, even in dim lighting conditions.

The camera’s Opti-RX lens provides exceptionally clear and sharp imaging and its Super Low Light Vu technology ensures you can see details and distinguish between objects even in very low light underwater.

The 125 feet of camera cable gives you a generous viewing distance while adjustable infrared lighting helps illuminate your subjects.

Aqua-Vu has designed this viewing system with features for serious users. The smart battery charger, power saving mode, and IP67 waterproof LCD help maximize functionality and durability. The system also comes with a soft carry bag for transportation and storage between uses.

If you’re looking for a premium underwater viewing system that delivers excellent clarity, versatility, and performance, the Aqua-Vu HD7i-125 is an outstanding choice for fishing and other aquatic adventures.

  • Heated display
  • Adjustable infrared illumination
  • High definition display
  • Expensive

2. Vexilar FS800IR Fish Scout – Best for Ice Fishing

vexilar fs800ir fish scout
Vexilar FS800IR Fish Scout

More Full Spesification

  • Lux: B&W .05
  • 90 degree viewing angle
  • 420 lines if resolution
  • Cable length 90 feet

The Vexilar FS800IR Fish Scout is the best underwater fishing camera for ice anglers. It gives anglers an advantage by allowing them to see fish and structure below the icehole that traditional fish finders cannot detect.

The 1080p camera provides 720 line resolution and a wide 90 degree field of view for a crystal clear panoramic underwater view up to 90 feet away. The 7-inch LCD screen displays feed from the camera, showing anglers exactly what’s happening below the surface.

The entire system is built to withstand the harshest ice fishing conditions. The rigid camera carriage allows for stable positioning of the camera below the ice.

The system operates from -22 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, powered by a durable 9AH rechargeable 12v battery that provides up to 9 hours of runtime on a single charge.

The compact, portable design comes with a convenient carrying case so anglers can easily transport the Fish Scout unit to any ice fishing location.

Ice anglers who want to gain a crucial visual advantage will appreciate the incredible clarity and field of view the FS800IR Fish Scout underwater fishing camera provides.

  • Long battery life
  • Soft carry case
  • Color or black and white display
  • Low-res camera

3. Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera – Best for the Money

moocor underwater fishing camera
Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera

More Full Spesification

Shooting ModesUnderwater
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Connectivity TechnologyInfrared

The Moocor underwater fishing camera is a wise investment for any serious angler. This HD model delivers crystal clear footage for monitoring fish activity beneath the water’s surface, whether you’re ice fishing or open water fishing.

The 1000TVL infrared camera system captures video and photos with remarkable clarity and resolution, even in dark or murky waters. Infrared LED lights illuminate objects up to 100 feet away, revealing the subtle movements that indicate a feeding fish or changing conditions on the lake or river bed.

The 4.3 inch LCD screen provides an unobstructed view of the action unfolding beneath the water’s surface.

In addition to its excellent image quality, the Moocor camera’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy transport.

Weighing only 1.2 pounds, the camera body tucks neatly into its carrying pouch for traveling to and from fishing spots. Meanwhile, the 100 foot retractable cable gives anglers plenty of operational range.

The camera’s long battery life is another benefit. A fully charged battery reportedly lasts up to 11 hours of continuous filming, allowing anglers to document a full day of fishing without interruptions.

The company even advises leaving the camera’s power cable unplugged to extend battery life further when not in use.

Beyond monitoring fishing lines, the versatile Moocor camera can be used to observe underwater wildlife, inspect boat hulls, and provide security surveillance near bodies of water.

The company stands behind their product with a quality warranty and responsive customer support team, earning high marks from satisfied customers.

  • Lightweight
  • Small screen
  • Three-level infrared light
  • Low resolution camera

4. GoFish Cam – Best Portable

gofish cam
GoFish Cam

More Full Spesification

BrandGoFish Cam
Model NameGoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera
Power SourceBattery Powered
Screen Size1
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi

The GoFish Cam is the best underwater fishing camera for anglers who want to know exactly what’s going on below the surface. This full HD 1080p wireless camera gives you stunning video captures so you can eliminate guesswork and improve your fishing skills.

The GoFish Cam has a small but durable design that makes it perfect for rigging in-line. The hydrodynamic 4.5 inch body weighs just 3.3 ounces but has a casing that can withstand up to 1000 lbs of tension and operate down to 500 feet underwater.

With a built-in green fish-attracting LED light, the GoFish Cam allows you see clearly even in deep or low-light conditions. The wireless functionality enables you to livestream footage directly to your iOS or Android device, so you can monitor fish activity in real time while above water.

After reeling in your catch, review the recorded footage on the companion app to gather valuable data to improve your technique and bait selection for next time. The waterproof design also means the GoFish Cam can handle ice fishing conditions, giving you insights all year long.

The GoFish Cam is an invaluable tool for serious anglers who want crystal clear video to eliminate blind spots below the surface and maximize their catch.

The wireless livestreaming and high resolution 1080p recordings deliver stunning visuals so you always know precisely how fish are interacting with your rig and bait.

  • 500 foot maximum depth
  • Versatile connectivity
  • 1080P resolution
  • 1.5 hour battery life

5. Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera – Amazon’s Choice

eyoyo underwater fishing camera 7 inch
Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

More Full Spesification

Shooting ModesUnderwater
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Connectivity TechnologyAV

The Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera is a high-quality camera ideal for avid anglers. Featuring a large 7 inch daylight viewable LCD screen, this camera delivers stunningly crisp and detailed underwater images to help you spot fish with ease.

The 12 infrared lights provide illumination in dim underwater conditions. Anglers can adjust the camera angle in 3 positions – downward, horizontal, or anywhere in-between – to suit their needs. The 3 angle positions give fishers flexibility to capture the optimal view.

This camera is perfect for both boat fishing and ice fishing. During ice fishing, anglers can place the camera in one hole while fishing in another to observe fish activity. While boat fishing, the camera can be used to spot fish from an anchored position.

Though the image quality is excellent, there are some minor drawbacks. The LCD screen is heavier than the camera housing, causing the camera to tilt easily.

There is also no DVR or image capture functionality to record footage. And the lack of a built-in compass makes determining the camera’s orientation underwater difficult.

Overall, if you need a no-frills, affordable underwater fishing camera with a large and crisp display for viewing underwater, the Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera is a great choice for the dedicated angler.

The stunning image clarity and versatile angle adjustment make it an optimal camera for maximizing your chances of landing that big catch.

  • Lights can be turned off when not in use
  • Displays HD images that look more realistic
  • Completely waterproof with an IP68 rating
  • The battery needs an onboard power supply for charging

6. Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Fishing Camera – Long Battery Life

aqua vu av 715c underwater fishing camera
aqua vu av 715c underwater fishing camera

More Full Spesification

Shooting ModesUnderwater
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Connectivity TechnologyRCA

The Aqua-Vu AV 715C is the ultimate underwater fishing camera, providing crystal clear color video and images from below the surface of the water.

This powerful underwater viewing system features a high resolution 7-inch color LCD monitor with a sharp 50 foot color camera for capturing stunning footage and photos of fish and aquatic wildlife.

The camera housing features an adjustable fin mount system for convenient attachment to lures and other accessories.

With its optically superior lens, the AV 715C captures extremely detailed underwater video with accurate color reproduction. The 12V 7Ah lithium-ion battery has long life and provides up to 8 hours of continuous usage, while the smart power management system automatically shuts down when not in use to conserve battery.

Aqua-Vu includes everything you need to get started, with the AV 715C underwater camera system, color video camera, 50 foot camera cable, 12V battery, battery charger, and a rugged custom storage bag.

Ice fishermen and anglers alike have trusted Aqua-Vu cameras for years to gain an advantage by observing real-time underwater activity.

The AV 715C continues that tradition of unmatched performance providing the ultimate window into what’s happening below the surface. If you want to see what the fish see and improve your catch rate, the AV 715C is the ideal choice.

  • 50-inch cable for ease of use
  • OptiRx lens offers high-quality images underwater
  • Equipped with anti-spook IR lighting for dark areas
  • Some users complain that it is only ideal for crystal clear water

7. Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera – Value for Money

anysun underwater fishing camera
anysun underwater fishing camera

More Full Spesification

The Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera is the best choice for any angler looking to access real-time video feed from below the ice or water surface.

This high definition IP68 waterproof camera provides clear 7″ HD video up to 100 feet down, allowing you to spy on fish and structure invisible to the naked eye. With its 12 adjustable warm white LEDs, it illuminates the underwater scene so you can see bait, lures, natural forage, and fish activity with ease.

The included 7″ LCD monitor has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of use on a single charge, giving you all-day viewing without having to worry about power. Just mount the camera to your line, lower it into the water, and watch live action unfold on the screen.

The 15 meter cable ensures versatility across different water depths while remaining tangle-free. Should you need assistance, the Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera backs their product with professional customer service and support.

For serious anglers looking to gain an advantage, the Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera delivers real-time visibility below the surface like never before.

Its crisp HD video feed, long battery life, and versatile cable make it ideal for ice fishing, open water fishing, and anywhere you need to see what fish are actually doing when they take your bait.

Don’t let what you can’t see cost you the big one – get the Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera for real-time eyes below the surface.

  • Includes a case for convenient carrying and storage
  • The thick cable can handle up to 20kg of load
  • IP68 waterproof for deeper underwater fishing
  • No SD card slot is available

Guide to Buying the Best Underwater Fishing Camera

An underwater fishing camera allows anglers to see what’s happening below the water’s surface to locate fish and underwater structure.

With the variety of options, choosing the best underwater fishing camera for your needs can be challenging. This guide will help you determine the essential features to consider before buying an underwater fishing camera.

How Will You Use the Camera?

The first step is determining how you will use an underwater fishing camera. If you want to see live footage to find fish in real-time, you’ll need a full-featured system with a built-in monitor. For casual viewing or recording footage to review later, a camera alone may suffice.

Consider if you need additional features like built-in GPS, recording capabilities or adjustable lighting. The type of fishing you do, like ice fishing or kayak fishing, also influences the right camera setup for you.

Wired vs. Wireless Systems

Wired and wireless underwater fishing cameras have their pros and cons. Wired systems typically have better video quality and are less prone to interference.

However, the cables can be cumbersome to work with. Wireless systems offer more flexibility and convenience but may experience interference from other electronics. For the best of both worlds, choose a wired system with a long cable and a wireless monitor.

Camera and Monitor Specs

For the best view of fish and underwater structure, choose an HD camera, especially if visibility is low in the areas you fish. Some options offer zoom capabilities and adjustable lighting as well.

Monitors range from small screens you hold in your hand to large units you mount to your boat. Consider the screen size, resolution and brightness to ensure clear viewing in any conditions.

Power Source

Underwater fishing cameras require power to run the camera, lights and monitor. Systems powered by rechargeable lithium batteries offer the most portability but limited run time. Sealed lead acid batteries last longer but require ventilation and regular maintenance.

For extended use, a camera system that plugs into your boat’s power supply is ideal. Some models offer solar-powered charging as well.


In the end, the best underwater fishing camera for you depends on determining how you will use it and your budget. With some research on the latest options, you can find an affordable, high-quality system to enhance your time on the water. Tight lines!