Exploring the Power of Panorama and Movie Mode

panorama skyline

Capture wide scenic vistas and live action with special camera settings Panorama Mode A small number of digital cameras help you take very wide panoramic photographs. These are useful if you want to capture an entire horizon line rather than just a portion of it. How It Works For most cameras, there is not a … Read more

Choosing the Right Megapixels for Stunning Photos

choosing the right megapixels

How many megapixels you need to print your favorite photographs When you hear the term megapixel, what comes to mind? If you answered number three, then you are already well on your way toward understanding why megapixels are important when it comes to digital cameras. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hype surrounding megapixels, which … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Memory Cards

memory cards

The film for a digital camera CompactFlash. Memory Stick. xD Picture Card. MultiMediaCard. Secure Digital Card. SmartMedia Card. There is no lack of variety in the removable media market for digital cameras. These are the tiny devices that will store all of your precious photographs. Once again, there is no end to the information about … Read more

CCD vs. CMOS: The Battle of Image Sensors

ccd vs cmos

How to capture light with a digital camera The camera’s image sensor is what captures light when the shutter opens. There are two primary types of sensors used in digital cameras today: one is called a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) and the other is called CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). How does a CCD or … Read more